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GSA LOGWORLD Schedule 874 V

The GSA Logistics Worldwide Schedule 874 V Contract, also referred to as the LOGWORLD Schedule, is a contract that streamlines the process of selling logistics solutions to the federal government.

Below is a list of categories – or Special Item Numbers (SINs) – that fall under the LogWorld Schedule.

GSA LOGWORLD Schedule is most likely the appropriate Schedule for businesses offering any of these services:

  • Management of a supply chain
  • Management of a value chain
  • Managing inventory and documents
  • Warehousing services
  • Maintenance of vehicles necessary to maintain a supply chain
  • Market research related to supply and value chains
  • Planning and implementing systems or facilities for the transportation of equipment, supplies or people
  • Shuttle systems
  • Customs processing
  • Moving and storage services
  • Fleet management and routing
  • Planning for the deployment of supplies and equipment
  • Logistics training