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Professional Services

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

The GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) 00CORP, formerly known as the Consolidated or Corporate Schedule, consists of seven previously standalone Schedules. GSA began the migration process 2015 and completed the transition in fiscal year 2016.

What Can Be Offered on GSA PSS

The GSA PSS Contract is not inclusive of all services, only those falling within the categories detailed below. Certain IT, HR, and Energy related services can also be offered through PSS, but only to complement the core service offerings. IT, HR, and Energy related services cannot be offered as stand alone services through PSS.

GSA Schedules Now Part of PSS

  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Training (MOBIS) Schedule 874
  • Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule 871
  • Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule 520
  • Advertising and Integrated Marketing (AIMS) Schedule 541
  • Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Schedule 874 V
  • Environmental Schedule 899
  • Language Services Schedule 738 II

Fiscal Year 2016 Sales

In fiscal year 2016, around 4,400 companies held a GSA PSS Contract and took in more than $9.7 billion in sales. 

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