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3 Things Costing You GSA Schedule Sales

3 Things that Can Cost You GSA Schedule Sales


Your company spent a significant amount of time to secure your GSA Schedule Contract. Are you getting the most out of your investment? There are numerous factors that can affect your success through the GSA Schedule. However, the three issues below are directly related to your GSA Schedule and can significantly hinder sales.

1) Outdated Pricing

Pricing that is too high or low can negatively influence sales. Depending on what you offer, government buyers can view your product and pricing along with a multitude of others. If you’re priced significantly higher than the competition without justification – a distinguishing feature, lower minimum order, or better delivery terms – your products are likely being passed over for more economical options.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, rock bottom pricing may rake in the sales, but is it sustainable and at what cost? This applies to service providers as well. Keep in mind, abnormally low rates can impair your ability to staff a contract at the experience levels you’ve set. Staffing issues can quickly snowball into performance issues that reduce your likelihood of winning future opportunities.

Take the time to conduct market research and determine average pricing. Be competitive without leaving money on the table.

2) Offerings Not Current

Failing to add products, services, or new Special Item Numbers (SINs) to your contract can limit potential sales and exposure to opportunities. Have you expanded your product line since obtaining your GSA Schedule? Have you established past performance that justifies additional services? If it’s not on your contract, it’s a potential missed opportunity.

The same can be said for SINs. While new SINs are not common for the GSA Schedule as a whole, they are for IT Schedule 70. Over the past three years, GSA added five new SINs to the IT Schedule 70 Contract. These new SINs help buyers easily find the products and services they need, while giving companies greater visibility.

Instead of weeding through over 3,600 general IT service providers, an agency can go directly to SIN 132-56 to search for a health IT services provider. You could be missing targeted opportunities if you qualify for additional SINs, but haven’t gotten around to submitting the modification.

Subscribe to GSA’s Interact website to stay informed of new SINs and other changes at GSA—and update your GSA Schedule Contract accordingly.

3) Not Understanding GSA

You can’t sell what you don’t understand. At minimum, your sales team should know:

   • Eligible Users – Who can you sell to through your GSA Schedule?
   • Customer Advantage – What is the benefit to your buyer to use your GSA Schedule?
   • Ordering Process – What process will your buyer use to purchase from your GSA Schedule?

Your GSA Schedule Contract provides your company with a competitive advantage, and your federal buyers with a streamlined path to purchase your offerings. However, to be successful, you need to actively market your GSA Schedule and pursue opportunities.

While the GSA Schedule is the most widely used procurement vehicle, not all federal buyers are familiar with the contract. If you’re in charge of government sales or business development, take the time to review GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Desk Reference. Learn how GSA explains the Schedules Program to government agencies, take note of the terminology, and be prepared to inform your prospective buyers. Know the mechanics of your GSA Schedule and use that knowledge to guide buyers and direct sales.

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