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Government Fiscal Year End


GSA Schedule Fiscal Year End Sales

Today marks another government fiscal year end. For GSA Schedule Contractors, the final quarter of the government fiscal year is typically the busiest. Final sales for fiscal year 2016 will not be available for another few months. However, past data confirms a modest, but notable increase in sales during the final quarter of the government fiscal year, July through September.

GSA Schedule Sales Trends by Quarter



GSA Schedule Advantage! Sales

GSA Advantage! is an online portal for purchasing GSA Schedule products. Cyclical spending through GSA Advantage! differs from spending trends through the GSA Schedules as a whole. GSA Advantage! sales increase steadily throughout the government fiscal year, never experiencing the second quarter slump of GSA Schedule sales as a whole. While GSA Advantage! sales represent a fraction of total GSA Schedule Sales, sales more than triple over the course of the government fiscal year.

GSA Advantage! Sales by Quarter FY 2015