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Notes from GSA’s CDM SIN Industry Day

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools


continuous-diagnostics-mitigation-cdm-toolsIn case you missed it, GSA released an RFI last month on adding a new SIN to the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract for Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools. The new SIN would take the place of the CDM Tools and Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) that is set to expire in August 2018. Last Monday, GSA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) held an industry day to review responses to the RFI and details for the new SIN.

CDM Tools Industry Day Highlights:

  • 72% of RFI Respondents Agreed on Need for CDM Tools SIN
  • CDM Tools SIN Draft Solicitation will be Posted to GSA Interact Around June of 2017
  • GSA Anticipates Adding the CDM Tools SIN to the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract Early This Summer
  • There Will Be a Streamlined Process for Vendors/Products on the Current CDM/CMaaS BPA
  • Originally 17 CDM/CMaaS BPA Holders | Approximately 170k Products, $650M in Sales
  • Reviewed Process for Adding Products to CDM Tools SIN
    • Products Must be Approved by DHS and Added to Approved Product List (APL) Prior to Being Added to the GSA IT Schedule 70 CDM Tools SIN
    • Offerors Will Submit Evaluation Package with Product Evaluation Form and Supporting Docs to DHS
    • There Will Be a Conformance Review and Kickback if Nonconformance
    • If Offeror Passes Technical Evaluation, Products Will Be Approved & Added to APL
    • Courtesy Copy Will Be Sent to GSA FASt Lane for Mod Approval
    • There Will Likely Be a Set Period for Submissions to DHS – Possibly on a Monthly Basis (i.e. the 1st of Each Month with 15-Day Turnaround on Approval)
  • There Will Be a Separate APL Website, But it is Not Yet Finalized
  • GSA Clarified the Same Product Can be Included on Multiple SINs
  • DHS Discussed CDM Requirements
    • Emerging Tools & Technology Subcategory Allows for the Addition of Products that Agencies Weren’t Necessarily Aware They Needed
    • Stressed Innovation is Not an Excuse for Bypassing Common Requirements (i.e. Scalability, Security, Response Time etc..)
  • There will be Another Industry Day in May

The slide presentations from the CDM Tools SIN Industry Day are available to download from GSA’s Interact website here.