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GSA Contract SIN Additions Are Back!

GSA Schedule Contractors can once again add Special Item Numbers (SINs)


As part of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation, GSA placed a temporary hold on the addition of Special Item Numbers (SINs). The hold began in the final days of January and coincided with the release of a mass modification (mod) A812. When accepted, this mass mod transitions legacy GSA Schedule Contracts to the new Consolidated GSA MAS Contract.

SIN Functionality Restored in eMod

GSA Schedule Contractors that have accepted mass mod A812 once again have the option to submit a SIN addition modification when they log into the GSA eMod system. Between all the news on the coronavirus and announcements regarding closings, cancellations, and telework policies, it would be easy to miss the return of SIN additions. While GSA said the functionality would be restored on March 14, 2020, some estimates by GSA were less definitive, leading industry to think the date could be pushed.

The return of the SIN addition functionality is good news for multiple reasons:

  1. Companies that had to delay plans to add products or services under a new SIN will now be able to move forward with their plans.
  2. The SIN addition hold could have prevented companies from updating their GSA Contract to offer products and services that help agencies continue operations and respond to the COVID-19 national emergency. These types of offerings include everything from masks and disinfectants, to telework equipment and services.
  3. Companies now have the ability to add any SIN they qualify for under the Consolidated GSA MAS Contract. This is significant because SINs under the GSA MAS Contract incorporate all SINs that were previously spread across the 24 legacy GSA Schedules. Prior to the Consolidated GSA MAS Contract, a company that offered both IT services and management consulting needed to obtain a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract and a Professional Services Schedule 00CORP Contract. Now, instead of submitting a proposal to obtain a new contract, companies can submit a modification to add a SIN. Keep in mind, with this example, the IT and management consulting SINs fall under different categories under the GSA MAS Contract, which could mean additional requirements.

Need Help Adding a SIN or Quickly Updating Your GSA Contract?

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