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GSA Dual Contract Continuity


GSA Schedule Contract Out of Extension Options

gsa-dual-contract-continuity-initiativeGSA Schedule Contracts are awarded for an initial 5-year period along with three 5-year extension options, bringing the total potential contact term to 20 years. At the end of a 20-year term, GSA contractors are required to submit a proposal if they wish to obtain a new GSA Schedule Contract.

Overlapping or Continuous GSA Schedule Contracts

As of last year, companies could not submit for a new contract under the dual initiative until the 14th year of their GSA Schedule Contract. GSA recently lifted this restriction, allowing contractors to submit a new offer at any time during the term of their existing contact. A GSA Schedule Contract that is out of extension options is typically cancelled when a new GSA Schedule Contract is awarded. However, if a Blanket Purchase Agreement is under the original GSA Schedule Contract, GSA will allow both contracts to exist, creating overlapping or continuous GSA Schedule Contracts.

When Should You Submit a New Offer?

GSA typically recommends submitting a new proposal at least 2 years prior to the expiration date of your current contact. However, you may want to start the process sooner. There are a few factors companies should consider when deciding when to submit for a new offer under the dual contact initiative.

  • The GSA Schedule You Hold – The review time for proposals can vary from a few months to over a year, depending upon your GSA Schedule. Check the solicitation posting on for estimated review times and factor this into your decision.
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) –  The term of your GSA Schedule Contract must cover the term of any BPAs. So if you hold a BPA or have advanced notice of a BPA, this could be the driving factor that determines when you begin the process to obtain a new GSA Schedule Contract.
  • Internal Resources – While GSA has taken some steps to streamline the new proposal process for companies that have run out of options, you will still need to allot time towards documentation gathering, proposal preparation, and contract review/negotiation. If you qualify for the streamlined offer process, plan to dedicate 34-40 hours if you handle the process internally and approximately 15-25 hours if you hire a GSA Schedule Contract consultant.

GSA’s Streamlined New Offer Process

Companies that have run out of extension options may qualify for the streamlined process for “Successful FSS Contractors”. You must pursue the same Special Item Numbers (SINs) awarded under your existing GSA Schedule Contract, report $25,000 or more in annual GSA Contract sales, and maintain satisfactory past performance. You will not qualify for the streamlined process if you have low sales or are looking to add products or services under different SINs.

Companies that meet the streamlined offer requirements will not have to submit a Readiness Assessment, Corporate Experience, Open Ratings Report, or Relevant Project Experience. You will not be required to submit financial statements initially, however this may be requested at the discretion of your GSA Contracting Officer.

Get Assistance With Your New GSA Schedule Offer

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