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GSA Health IT SIN 132-56


GSA held a webinar yesterdayHealth IT SIN 132-56 to discuss the upcoming Schedule 70 Health IT SIN. SIN 132-56, Health Information Technology Services, will be included in Refresh 38 of the GSA IT Schedule 70 Solicitation. GSA anticipates releasing this refresh next month (July 2016). **June 30, 2016 UPDATE: GSA just announced during the Schedule 70 Quarterly Industry Meeting this afternoon that Refresh 38 should be released on Friday, July 8, 2016**

GSA originally considered including both products and services in the new Health IT SIN. However, after reviewing feedback, they determined Health IT SIN 132-56 will include services only. Contractors can continue to offer Health IT related products through existing SINs for hardware and software.

What Can Be Offered through Health IT SIN 132-56?

The Schedule 70 Health IT SIN will include services related to:

  • Connected Health
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Health Analytics
  • Personal Health Information Management
  • Innovative Health IT solutions
  • Health Informatics
  • Emerging Health IT research
  • Other Health IT Services

Next Steps for Contractors Offering Health IT Services

While Contractors cannot add the SIN until it is released next month with Solicitation Refresh 38, GSA has posted the draft solicitation changes on Interact. Contractors can review the proposed requirements to prepare for the release.

The Health IT SIN & FASt Lane

Companies looking to provide services under the new Health IT SIN are eligible to participate in GSA’s FASt Lane program. This program is designed to shorten the processing time for both modifications and new offers. FASt Lane’s approval time for modifications is supposed to be less than 48 hours, while awards for new offers can potentially be made in 45 days.

To go through the FASt Lane program, contractors should submitted their modification or new proposal through the eOffer/eMod system as they would normally. They should then email with “FASt Lane Contract Modification/New Offer” in the subject line and the Contract Number or New Offer Code in the body of the email.