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GSA Schedules on the Brink of a New Era

24 GSA Schedules Consolidated Into One Single GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedules Program as we know it is about to change dramatically. Late last month, GSA issued an advance notice for the new, consolidated GSA Schedule solicitation. They also reaffirmed they are on track to close the 24 existing GSA Schedules and release the new Schedule on October 1, 2019.

GSA MAS Consolidation Changes & Updates

This week, we attended GSA’s latest webinar on the MAS Consolidation. GSA has been holding one to two webinars a month on the MAS Consolidation. While most of the content has remained the same, Tuesday’s presentation was updated to reflect progress on Phase 1. During the presentation, Stephanie Shutt reviewed the new GSA Schedule solicitation and highlighted its impact on current and prospective GSA Schedule Contract holders. Here are a few things we learned on Tuesday and a few items that GSA recapped:

  • Timing: If you’ve started loading a proposal in GSA’s eOffer system to obtain a new GSA Schedule, you should hit the submit button by the end of the day on September 27th. If your proposal has been submitted, but is unlocked, you must lock it by the end of the day on September 27th. Otherwise, you will lose your information and need to start over under the new solicitation. Up until yesterday, GSA had been telling companies they had until September 30th to hit the submit button on new offers. This date has changed to September 27th because the eOffer/eMod system will be down for maintenance starting September 28th.
  • Order-Level Materials (OLMS): GSA initially said the OLM SIN would “be expanded to every contractor on Schedule” after the consolidation. This has changed. In order to maintain the October 1st release date for the consolidated GSA Schedule, the OLM SIN will not be expanded to SINs outside of the original pilot.
  • FASt Lane: GSA’s FASt Lane program will still be available to shorten the processing time of new offers and modifications under the IT large category.
  • Open Ratings: A Dun & Bradstreet Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation Report has long been a requirement of all new GSA Schedule proposals. Starting October 1st, the consolidated GSA Schedule solicitation will provide two alternatives to the Open Ratings report. We’ll see details regarding the Open Ratings alternatives when the final solicitation is released on October 1st.
  • Project Experience: With the exception of IT SINs, all services SINs under the consolidated GSA Schedule will require just one past performance project.
  • Streamlined Offers: Since the eOffer system will change on October 1st, companies that are in the middle of negotiating a streamlined new offer will continue negotiations via email.
  • No Change Yet: GSA eMod, eLibrary, Advantage, and eBuy will not be impacted during Phase 1 of the MAS Consolidation, which should run through December of 2019.
  • Mass Mod Advanced Notice: GSA plans to issue an advanced notice in late November for the mass modification that will kick-off Phase 2 of the MAS Consolidation. New webinar dates will accompany this notice.

MAS Consolidation Tips to Keep Calm and Carry On

The MAS Consolidation is one of the most significant changes in the history of the GSA Schedules Program. While there may be some confusion immediately following the release of the new, consolidated GSA Schedule, the end result could be beneficial to both you and your government customers.

If you’re just tuning in, here are some things to keep in mind in regards to the MAS Consolidation:

  • The MAS Consolidation does not impact VA Schedule Contracts.
  • If your company is pursuing a new GSA Schedule Contract:
    • All new offer proposals submitted by September 27, 2019 will be reviewed by GSA. After your contract is awarded you will receive a mass modification that will migrate your contract to the new GSA Schedule.
    • If you do not hit the submit button on your offer by COB September 27, 2019, anything loaded into GSA’s eOffer system will be deleted.
    • You can submit an offer on October 1, 2019 or anytime thereafter under the new GSA Schedule solicitation.
    • GSA will most likely hold awards between October 1, 2019 and January of 2020.
  • If your company has one or more existing GSA Schedule Contracts:
    • It will be business as usual until GSA issues a mass modification to transition existing GSA Schedule Contracts to the new MAS Contract in early 2020.
    • Once you accept the mass modification, it will automatically update your terms, conditions, and SINs to conform with the new MAS Schedule solicitation.
    • Your contract number will not change.
    • Your GSA Schedule Contract expiration date will not change.
    • The number of remaining options on your GSA Schedule Contract will not change.
    • Negotiated items (including warranties, delivery terms, labor categories, pricing, and Basis of Award) will not change.
    • You will have the option to add SINs that were previously outside the scope of your existing GSA Schedule after you accept the mass modification.

Additional MAS Consolidation Resources

Since the plan was first announced, FEDSched has closely followed everything related to the Consolidation and has posted updates along the way. Contact us to discuss how we can help your company navigate the upcoming changes.

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