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GSA Schedule 75 Closer to Reopening

GSA Posts RFI for Reopening Office Schedule



Back in March, GSA announced they were considering reopening the GSA Office Products and Services Schedule 75 Contract to new offers. While GSA Schedule Contracts are typically open to new offers at all times, the Schedule 75 has been closed since 2010. After holding an Industry Day in May to discuss Schedule 75’s potential reopening, GSA was silent on the matter until last week.

On Wednesday, December 14th GSA posted a Request for Information (RFI) on their plan to reopen Schedule 75. Responses are due by 5:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. The documents can be viewed on GSA’s Interact website.

An Overview of GSA’s Plan to Reopen Schedule 75:

  • Create a revised SIN 75 200 by combining two existing Schedule 75 SINs – Office Products SIN 75 200 and Office Services SIN 75 210
  • Add a new “enhanced” SIN 75 2XX for office products and services. This SIN will have more stringent requirements than the existing or revised SIN 75 200 and will incorporate aspects of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Office Supplies Third Generation (OS3) Contract
  • Open Schedule 75 to new offers under the new enhanced SIN sometime in fiscal year 2017 for a limited period (SIN 75 200 and 75 85 will remain closed)
  • Hold an open/close season every 24 months following the reopening of SIN 75 2XX

A few notes on GSA’s RFI:

  • GSA’s goal is to increase opportunity for small business participation by 5%
  • You cannot hold the revised SIN 75 200 and the new enhanced SIN 75 2XX at the same time.
  • If you currently hold a GSA Schedule 75 Contract, but are out of extension options, you will need to submit a proposal for the new enhanced SIN. We assume existing contractors will still have to submit during open season, however we’re checking with GSA to clarify.
  • If you offer restroom products and do not already hold a Schedule 75, you will have to wait until the next open season in 2 years to submit for the contract.
  • FSSI OS3 will not be renewed when it expires in 2019; the new enhanced SIN 75 2XX will serve as OS3’s replacement.

 The New Enhanced SIN 75 2XX

Seeing as both versions of SIN 75 200 will remain closed, GSA intends to eventually transition to the new enhanced SIN 752XX, which will include office products and services. It  will differ from the original and revised SIN 75 200 in that it will incorporate aspects of FSSI OS3, companies will have to meet additional technical evaluation requirements, and there will be a Contract Access Fee of 2%.

According to the RFI, to qualify under the enhanced SIN 75 2XX, companies must meet the following:

  • AbilityOne-Certified Contractor
  • Demonstrated ability to meet all environmental reporting and green product requirements
  • Demonstrated capability to provide real-time order status to GSA Advantage!
  • Demonstrated system to remain compliant with the Trade Agreements Act
  • Currently be able to provide point of sale discount for all contract orders
  • Agency-defined reports at no additional cost
  • Demonstrated ability to provide desktop delivery and secure desktop delivery
  • Standard delivery anywhere CONUS within 3 to 4 business days
  • Ability to deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other OCONUS locations
  • Demonstrated ability to provide Fill or Kill status
  • Ability to report subcontracting quarterly (not applicable to small businesses)
  • Satisfactory past performance
  • Submission of completed Subcontracting Plan (not applicable to small businesses)

For more information, download the RFI documents on GSA’s Interact website or call FEDSched for assistance at 703-709-8700.