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GSA Schedule 75 Open After 7-Year Haitus


GSA Schedules are typically continuous open season solicitations, meaning companies can submit an offer at any time to obtain a contract. However, in 2010, GSA took the unusual step of closing the Office Products Contract (Schedule 75) to new offers. While existing Schedule 75 contractors could continue to make updates and sell through their contract, GSA would not award any new Schedule 75 contracts during the closure. On January 16th, GSA will end a 7-year closure and begin accepting new offers under Schedule 75.

FSSI’s Role in the Closing of Schedule 75

Before we go into the details of Schedule 75’s reopening, it’s important to understand how the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) contributed to the closing of Schedule 75. FSSI was created in 2005 to establish a government-wide, structured process for purchasing common goods and services more effectively and efficiently. While GSA cited several reasons for closing the Office Products Schedule, a primary factor was the award of the FSSI Second Generation Office Supplies (OS2) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) under Schedule 75. GSA anticipated that OS2 would be the go-to source for the government’s office supply needs. This, combined with the number of existing contractors and a relatively steady product landscape, led GSA to close Schedule 75 to new offers. What was an initial 24-month closure, stretched on for a 7-year period. During that time, the OS2 BPA was replaced with the FSSI Third Generation Office Supply Contract (OS3). While OS3 was awarded outside of GSA Schedule 75, most awardees do hold a Schedule 75 Contract.

GSA Schedule 75 Reopening Comes With Changes

According to GSA, the Office Products Schedule will reopen to new offers on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. In general, Schedule 75 will require stronger Letters of Supply (LOS) and improved systems for compliance with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). Instead of creating a follow-on contract to OS3, two new subcategories or Special Item Numbers (SINs) under Schedule 75 will mirror the requirements and features of OS3. These new SINs – 75 220, Office Products/Services and 75 280, Overseas Office Products/Services – are considered Enhanced OS4 SINs. Because the Enhanced OS4 SINs offer the same products and services as Legacy SINs 75 200 and 75 210, contractors will not be allowed to hold both the Legacy and Enhanced SINs.

Overview of Schedule 75 Changes

  • Schedule 75 is expected to reopen on January 16th
  • In general, a stronger LOS is required and improved system for compliance with TAA
  • All Schedule 75 SINs will remain open for the foreseeable future (GSA previously considered a limited open period with periodic on-ramps)
  • Existing Schedule 75 SINs listed below are considered Legacy SINs
    – 75 200, Office Products
    – 75 210, Office Services
    – 75 85, Restroom Products
  • Two new SINs (75 220, Office Products/Services and 75 280, Overseas Office Products/Services) are considered OS4 Enhanced SINs, which offer the same products/services as Legacy SINs, but have different requirements:
    – Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) is mandatory
    – There is a Contract Access Fee of 1.25% in addition to the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) (.75%)
    – Contractor must be an AbilityOne Certified Distributor for SIN 75 220 (Find Out How to Become an AbilityOne Distributor Here)
    – Contractor must provide 7 day direct delivery overseas for  SIN 75 280
    – Contractor must provide standard CONUS delivery within 4 business days ARO
  • A company cannot hold a Legacy SIN 75 200/210 and an Enhanced SIN 75 220/280
  • Schedule 75 contractors cannot modify their existing contract to add the Enhanced OS4 SIN(s); they must undergo the new proposal offer process
  • Depending on the level of participation in OS4 (SINs 75 220/280), GSA may not exercise the final option on OS3

Enhanced vs Legacy Office Products SINs

As previously discussed, the Enhanced OS4 SINs 75 220 and 75 280 offer the same types of products and services as the Legacy SINs 75 200 and 75 210. The difference between the SINs are in the requirements; the Enhanced SINs are intended to serve as the OS4 Contract and have stricter reporting and delivery requirements. If your company is considering which SINs to pursue, the chart below is sourced from GSA Interact and provides a helpful comparison between the Enhanced (OS4) and Legacy SIN requirements.

Get Help Obtaining GSA Schedule 75

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