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How Phase 2 of the MAS Consolidation Impacts Your GSA Schedule

Updated January 29, 2020

GSA MAS Consolidation Phase 2 Mass Mod

ICYMI: Phase 2 Mass Mod Webinar

Yesterday, GSA held the second of two webinars dedicated to briefing existing GSA Schedule Contractors on the mass modification that will soon be released as part of Phase 2 of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation.

GSA’s MAS Program Management Office (PMO) Director, Stephanie Shutt, began the webinar by recapping some of the reasons GSA initiated the MAS Consolidation, mainly inconsistencies and duplication across the 24 legacy Schedules. She explained what has been accomplished to date, including the deletion of approximately 160 clauses from the contract and the reduction of more than 900 Special Item Numbers (SINs) to roughly 320 SINs. GSA also improved the SIN numbering system, aligning SIN numbers with NAICS codes where possible, and loosely organizing MAS large categories in accordance with OMB’s category management structure.

With Phase 1 complete, GSA is nearing the next significant milestone of the MAS Consolidation – the release of the Phase 2 mass modification (mod). This mass mod will migrate all legacy GSA Schedule Contracts to the new GSA MAS Solicitation that was released this past October.

What You Need to Know About Phase 2

If you hold a GSA Schedule Contract, here is nearly everything you need to know about Phase 2 of the GSA MAS Consolidation:

Temporary Hold on SIN Additions

  • If you need to add a SIN from a legacy GSA Schedule you currently hold, you have until the end of January to do so. From the end of January until approximately mid-March, GSA’s eMod system will not allow the option to add SINs.

Timing of Mass Modification

  • GSA will begin issuing the mass modification to contractors on a rolling basis starting the end of January. They will issue the mass mod to approximately 2,000 contractors each business day over a two-week period.
  • GSA released the mass mod timeline below and noted that companies with a pending SIN addition or deletion modification will not receive the mass mod until the SIN addition/deletion mods are reconciled.
Mass Modification Release Date Legacy Schedule Number
Friday, 1/31/20 03FAC, 23V, 36, 48, 51V, 58I, 599
Monday, 2/3/20 00CORP
Tuesday, 2/4/20 00CORP continued
Wednesday, 2/5/20 70
Thursday, 2/6/20 70 continued
Friday, 2/7/20 71,71 IIK, 72, 73,56, 66, 67
Monday, 2/10/20 736, 738X, 75, 751
Tuesday, 2/11/20 76, 78, 81 I B, 84

Companies with Multiple GSA Schedules

  • If your company holds multiple GSA Schedule Contracts, you’ll receive and must accept a mass modification for each contract.
  • If your company holds multiple GSA Schedule Contracts, they will remain separate contracts during Phase 2. If your contracts are under the same DUNS and have more than 5 years left on their 20-year contract term, GSA will begin reaching out in July, during Phase 3, to discuss consolidating your Schedules.

Responding to the Mass Modification – Know this Before You Sign!

  • You have until July 31, 2020 to accept the consolidation mass mod.
  • If you do not accept the mass modification for each GSA Schedule you hold by July 31, 2020 your contract will be dropped from GSA eLibrary and GSA Advantage.
  • GSA recommends you review any terms you’ve negotiated under your current GSA Schedule(s) to see if they still apply and to help facilitate the acceptance process.
  • GSA also recommends you review the NAICS codes that correspond with your new SINs and ensure they are all listed in your record.
  • You should not receive the mass mod if you have a modification in progress to add or delete a SIN. If for any reason you do receive the mass mod, do not sign it until the SIN addition modification is approved! If you sign the mass mod with a SIN addition mod in progress, it will be kicked out of the system and you will have to resubmit under the applicable new SIN.

What Happens When You Sign the Mass Modification?

  • Accepting the mass mod will not change any of the following: your contract number, expiration date, number of remaining options, or negotiated items (warranties, delivery terms, labor categories, pricing, and Basis of Award).
  • Once you’ve accepted the mass modification, GSA will transition your legacy GSA Schedule to the terms, conditions, and structure of the new Consolidated GSA MAS Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001. In the process, your SINs will be mapped to the new MAS SINs and renamed accordingly.
  • There are a few legacy SINs that map to multiple new SINs. These include SINs 096 4N, 096 3N, 874 4, 096 2N, 871 1, 871 2, 871 3, 871 4, 871 211. If you hold one of these SINs, you’ll be migrated to all of the corresponding new SINs, but can work with your CO to delete any SINs you do not need.
  • You’ll need to update GSA Advantage! within 30 days of accepting the mass mod. This means updating your Advantage text file. If you offer products and use SIP, you’ll also need to login to SIP and initiate the “Merge Schedules” Tools option. If you have a legacy SIN that maps to multiple new SINs, you’ll need to submit a new SIP file that categorizes your products and services under the new SINs without duplication. If you offer products and use EDI, you’ll need to submit a revised catalog with updated Schedule Number and SINs.
  • Once you sign the mass mod and GSA reactivates the SIN addition option in eMod, you’ll have the option to add any GSA offering to your contract that you qualify for, including those that were previously under a different GSA Schedule.

An Easier Way to Expand Your GSA Schedule

When GSA completes Phase 2 of the MAS Consolidation, companies will have an easier path to expand their GSA Schedule Contract. Prior to the MAS Consolidation, a company’s products and services could have qualified under multiple GSA Schedules. For example, a company that held a GSA Schedule 70 Contract for IT solutions would have needed to obtain a GSA Professional Services Schedule to offer management consulting services (MOBIS). The MAS Consolidation pulls all products and services under one GSA Schedule.  Once a company signs the Phase 2 mass modification and GSA lifts the hold on SIN addition modifications, companies will have the ability to add to their existing GSA Schedule, as opposed to potentially needing to pursue an additional GSA Schedule.

Have Questions? 

FEDSched has helped companies navigate changes at GSA for over three decades. In addition to providing modification support to update your GSA Schedule, our team can evaluate your specific situation and advise you on the best path forward. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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