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New GSA IT Schedule 70 SIN for EOS

GSA IT Schedule 70 for Earth Observation

Earth Observation Solutions (EOS)

GSA is planning to release a new Special Item Number (SIN) under the IT Schedule 70 Contract. SIN 132-41 will allow contractors to offer Earth Observation Solutions (EOS) to the government. While no definitive date has been announced yet, the SIN is anticipated to be released sometime this summer.

SIN 132-41 will include earth observation technologies, products, and services that will serve lots of areas of the government including public safety, environmental, meteorology, defense, maritime, and infrastructure management. According to the Interact posting, “the earth observation industry has experienced accelerated growth with established companies as well as new entrants and newly deployed and acquired satellites.”

The RFI for the SIN was originally published to on February 14th. After an Industry day in March, a draft of proposed changes was posted to GSA Interact on April 28. On May 18th GSA hosted a webinar to discuss the SIN, proposed changes, and take industry questions. GSA presenter Jill Thomas reiterated that there’s no scheduled date for the SIN’s release yet, but it could be available as early as June.

New contractors wishing to obtain a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract to offer EOS will be subject to submit the standard requirements including relevant project experience. Existing contractors looking to add the EOS SIN will have to include relevant project experience when submitting the modification.

The proposed changes to the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract Solicitation for the addition of the EOS SIN 132-41 can be found in the Significant Changes Document on GSA Interact.

GSA is consistently seeking to improve the offerings under the IT Schedule 70 Contract to keep up with the ever-changing technology. In recent years, we have seen GSA add new SINs for Healthcare IT, Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS), Cloud Computing, and currently has an RFI out for a new SIN for Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools.

The GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract remains the largest in the schedules program – more than $14.7 billion in federal government sales was reported in fiscal year 2016. Find out more about the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract here.