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New GSA Records Management SIN

GSA-Records-Management-Solutions-SIN-51504-51600UPDATE: As planned, GSA issued a Solicitation Refresh for GSA Schedule 36 on October 1, 2017. The refresh officially redefined SIN 51 504 as Physical Records Management Solutions and added SIN 51 600 for Electronic Records Management.

Federal agencies can turn to GSA Office Imaging and Document Solutions Schedule 36 contractors to secure a wide range of office and document solutions, including records management services. Under GSA Schedule 36, SIN 51 504 currently allows for Record Management Services (RMS), but GSA intends to roll out changes that will help Schedule 36 better align with the records management needs of federal buyers.

GSA Schedule 36 Records Management Changes

GSA, in collaboration with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), intend to make the changes highlighted below to improve the records management offerings under GSA Schedule 36. The two agencies held a webinar earlier this week to review the changes and answer questions from industry. During the webinar, GSA announced that it plans to issue a solicitation refresh on October 1, 2017 that will put the changes below into effect.

Electronic Records Management (ERM) Solutions SIN 51 600

What exactly can be offered under the new Electronic Records Management (ERM) Solutions SIN 51 600? According to the draft SIN description, 51 600 will include Electronic Records Management Solutions that “provide a comprehensive capability to solve the complex challenges posed by the movement, manipulation, archiving, security, and management of electronic records. The vendor provides professional management and administrative support personnel with the necessary skills to perform effective record management services for both classified and/or unclassified records. The services are provided using either Government or vendor equipment and facilities or a combination of both. The objective of electronic records management services is to permit the access, maintenance, control, storage, disposition, and transfer of electronic records. This SIN also includes any ancillary supplies and/or services necessary to provide a total electronic records management solution.”

For the purposes of the Vendor Certification, SIN 51 600 Will Be Broken into 11 Elements:

  1. Desktop Applications
  2. Electronic Messages
  3. Social Media
  4. Cloud Services
  5. Websites
  6. Digital Media (Photo)
  7. Digital Media (Audio)
  8. Digital Media (Video)
  9. Databases
  10. Shared Drives
  11. Engineering Drawings

How to Obtain ERM Solutions SIN 51 600

If your company already holds a GSA Schedule 36 Contract, you will need to submit a modification to add the new Electronic Records Management SIN 51 600. In addition to the standard modification requirements, companies will be required to submit a Vendor Certification that certifies specific ERM capabilities.

If your company does not yet hold a GSA Schedule 36 Contract, you will need to submit a proposal to GSA and go through the formal review process. You can find more information on the GSA Schedule proposal process here.

If your company is looking for assistance obtaining the new ERM Solutions SIN 51 600, contact us online or call us at 703-709-8700.

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