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Professional Services Schedule is Almost Here!



Today marks the final day of the government fiscal year, as well as the eve of the official debut of GSA’s Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Contract. If you missed GSA’s monthly PSS webinar last week, we took notes for you. Below are a few highlights from the September 23rd PSS webinar.

Recap of GSA PSS Webinar

According to GSA, the PSS Solicitation is still on track to launch this week.  That means a refresh will be issued tomorrow on the Consolidated 00CORP Solicitation, officially renaming the Schedule.

Accept the Mass Mods!

If your company holds a single GSA Schedule affected by PSS, you will need to accept two sets of mandatory mass modifications (mass mods). The “August mass mod”, which was actually issued September 3rd/4th, must be reviewed and accepted to move on to the next phase.

A “final mass mod” will be issued on October 1st/2nd to companies that:

  • Hold a single GSA Schedule affected by PSS
  • Completed the migration process to the 00CORP Schedule

GSA eBuy Black Out

Unfortunately, due to the transition, there is currently an eBuy “blackout” that will run from September 15, 2015 to September 30, 2015 for the single GSA Schedules affected by PSS (AIMS, Environmental, FABS, Language, LOGWORLD, MOBIS, and PES). This means agencies cannot post any new RFQs to the affected Schedules during this time. Any attempts to do so are being redirected to 00CORP, which is only accessible to current 00CORP contract holders.

Update Your GSA Advantage! File

In the past, we heard conflicting messages from GSA regarding the need to update GSA Advantage! after the transition to PSS. During the webinar last week, GSA’s Kathy Jocoy confirmed that companies must update their GSA Advantage! file after the PSS transition in order to be seen by agencies on Advantage! and eBuy. When you update your GSA Advantage! file, be sure to reference the Professional Services Schedule and not your former Schedule.

Companies Migrating (Hold Multiple Affected Schedules)

GSA reminded webinar attendees that the PSS migration is mandatory – not optional – for companies that hold two or more GSA Schedules affected by PSS. While 271 companies have completed the migration process, there are still 14 companies that have not even submitted a migration package. Since the migration deadline was June 30th, these companies need to contact Kim McFall at GSA to move forward. In the meantime, they risk losing visibility and missing out on potential opportunities.

Kathy reminded companies that completed the migration process to use their new GSA Schedule Contract number for all task orders placed after the migration. Additionally, task order sales should be reported under the contract the task order was placed against.

IT, HR, and Facilities SINs

This has been stressed for months now and was highlighted again last week, the Special Item Numbers (SINs) relating to IT, HR, and Facilities Maintenance and Management CANNOT be used as “stand-alones” under the Professional Services Schedule. They can only be used in conjunction with Professional Services SINs relating to AIMS, Environmental Services, FABS, Language, LOGWORLD, MOBIS, or PES.

Complimentary SINs that Cannot Be Used Alone on PSS

  • C132-51 | Information Technology Professional Services
  • C595-21 | Human Resource Services
  • C871-202 | Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • C871-207 | Energy Audit Services
  • C871-208 | Resource Efficiency Management (REM)
  • C871-211 | Energy Consulting Services

If your company currently holds one of the SINs listed above, you would most likely benefit from obtaining the corresponding GSA IT, HR, or 03FAC Schedule Contract. In effort to streamline the process of obtaining a stand alone GSA Schedule, GSA established a “Contract Relocation” process for the GSA IT Schedule 70 and GSA Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule 03FAC Contract. As of right now, companies that hold the Human Resources SIN, need to go through the standard steps to obtain a GSA HR Schedule 738 X Contract.