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Q2 GSA Contract Assessment

February marks the middle of quarter two of the government fiscal. For the past decade, the second quarter of the fiscal year has consistently proved the slowest in terms of GSA Schedule sales (historically, the highest GSA sales occur during the first and final quarters of each fiscal year — watch for our report next week on GSA sales trends).

With GSA Schedule sales set to increase in quarter three, now is the time to evaluate your GSA Contract to ensure it is current, complete, and compliant. Take some time out to answer the following questions:

  • When was the last time you submitted a modification to adjust your GSA Contract?
  • Does your GSA Contract Price List reflect your current product/service offerings?
  • Is GSA Advantage! updated as contract modifications are approved?
  • Have your commercial sales practices changed since negotiating GSA pricing?

Maintaining a current GSA Contract is an important factor in maximizing GSA Schedule sales and is a responsibility of the Contract holder. An out-dated GSA Advantage! listing, or a GSA price list with obsolete products/services and pricing puts you at risk of losing sales. Keep in mind; to make any change to your GSA Contract — whether it is a product addition/deletion or price adjustment — you must submit a Contract modification which your GSA Contracting Officer must approve. On average, your Contracting Officer will take approximately 30 days to approve any contract modification. Regularly reviewing your contract for updates will minimize, if not eliminate, the need for last minute emergency modifications.

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