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Small Business Sales Rise Under GSA



To celebrate national small business week, we’ve put together the infograph below to highlight small business sales through the GSA Schedule Contract. If you’re unfamiliar with the GSA Schedule, it’s a contract negotiated between your company and the General Services Administration that streamlines the government sales process and can be used to sell to any federal agency.

While “other than small businesses” take in the majority of GSA Schedule sales, sales to small businesses have increased by more than $1.5 billion over the past five years. GSA Schedules Sales to Small Businesses in FY 2017

Source: VA & GSA Schedule Sales Query Plus

Considering a GSA Schedule Contract?

Have Government Sales Experience

If your company has experience in the government market, a GSA Schedule Contract could help increase government contract opportunities and sales. For more information:

New to Government Sales

If your business is just getting started or is a newcomer to the government sector, a GSA Schedule Contract may not be the best first step. Here are few things to review before you decide to pursue a GSA Schedule Contract: