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Top GSA & VA Schedules in FY 2017

GSA & VA Schedule Sales Highlights for FY 2017

Once again in fiscal year 2017, the GSA and VA Schedules combined reported over $45 billion in sales. As in previous years, the Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 came out on top. Roughly a third of total GSA and VA Schedule sales flow through the IT Schedule. Other top GSA Schedules include the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Schedule 00CORP, Security Schedule 84, Furniture Schedule 71, and Scientific Schedule 66.

The 9 VA Schedules reported just over $14 billion in sales. The VA Schedules cover a range of medical related products and services, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, healthcare staffing, dental equipment, lab supplies and tests.

In total over 16,000 companies held a GSA and/or VA Schedule Contract in fiscal year 2017. Of those companies, nearly 14,000 are classified as small businesses.

To view a list of all GSA and VA Schedules with fiscal year 2017 sales, see our FY 2017 GSA Schedule Sales Report.

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