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GSA Schedule Contract

As a small business active in the government market, a GSA Schedule Contract can provide a competitive advantage and access to additional opportunities. While the process of obtaining the contract can be complex, it establishes pricing, terms, and conditions that streamline future government sales opportunities.

Why Do Agencies Prefer Purchasing Through GSA Schedules?

  • There Are No Order Limitations
  • A FedBizOpps Synopsis is Not Required
  • GSA Schedule Pricing is Pre-Determined by GSA to be “Fair and Reasonable”
  • GSA Schedule Contracts Meet All Applicable Regulations & Competition Requirements
  • GSA Schedule Orders Average 15 Days vs. an Average of 268 Days with Open-Market Procurements

Get Expert Help to Obtain Your
GSA Schedule Contract

Federal Schedules, Inc. (FEDSched) has been helping companies obtain and manage their GSA Schedule Contracts since 1986. We have helped thousands of clients, of all sizes and industries, navigate the complexities of the GSA Schedule Contract and more effectively target the government market.

  • GSA Schedule Contract Experts | We have specialized in the nuances of the GSA Schedule Contract vehicle and relevant government procurement regulations since 1986.
  • Tenured Staff | Our Executive Contracts Managers have been with the company for an average of 14 years each, providing clients with continuity and real-world tested expertise.
  • Relationships at GSA | We maintain a strong rapport with GSA staff, facilitating open communication.
  • Team Dynamic | Each client is provided with a team, ensuring questions and contract initiatives are addressed promptly, even if your main point of contact is unavailable.
  • 100% Employee-Owned | All FEDSched employees are company owners and have a vested interested in your satisfaction and ultimate success as a GSA contractor.

“Federal Schedules did an amazing job in securing a MOBIS schedule for our small business. Our contact at the company provided exceptional guidance, was thorough and responsive to inquiries from the GSA contracting officer as well as from my staff. When complexities arose they consistently provided clear advice and support resulting in award. I would strongly recommend Federal Schedules for further work”

Carla Villarreal, CEO and President | Transitions in Progress, LLC
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