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Audio/Video Solutions

GSA Audio/Video Schedule 58 I

As of October 1, 2019, the 24 individual GSA Schedules have been merged into one GSA Schedule - the Consolidated GSA Multiple Award Schedule MAS Contract

The GSA Professional Audio/Video Solutions Schedule 58 I Contract is designed to meet the digital telecommunications and security surveillance needs of federal agencies – from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Vendors holding a GSA Professional Audio/Video Solutions Schedule Contract offer television cameras, telecommunications equipment, recording and reproducing technology, closed circuit surveillance equipment, video and audio equipment, ancillary services, and more.

With the growing demand for Homeland Security efforts, and surveillance equipment, this Schedule Contract has become increasingly valuable to federal consumers. If your firm can offer digital communications and security expertise, the Professional Audio/Video Solicitation is the most appropriate for you.

Here are some of the items covered by Schedule 58 I:

  • Video and audio recording equipment
  • Media used in video and audio recording equipment, such as video cassettes
  • Mini studio systems
  • Training and instruction in using mini studio systems
  • Accessories and parts for video and audio recording systems
  • Professional videographer or audio recording services
  • Accessories for monitors, such as batteries, chargers, cables and mounting supplies
  • Video recording cameras
  • Parts and accessories for video recording cameras
  • Professional sound systems and their components
  • Equipment, parts and accessories for telecommunication systems
  • Services necessary to create a professional audio/video studio, including analysis and assessment services
  • International sales of audio/video equipment
  • Professional production of audio/video presentations
  • Televisions including DVD or VCR combo units
  • VCRs
  • DVD players
  • Blu-ray players
  • Video cassette layers
  • Home stereo systems and their components
  • Portable media players, like CD players and MP3 players
  • Clock radios
  • Desktop stereo systems
  • Audio racks
  • Hand held video cameras

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