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Engineering Services

GSA PES Schedule 871

The GSA Professional Engineering Services Schedule 871 Contract, also referred to as the PES Schedule, provides federal agencies with solutions for their various engineering requirements. This schedule offers a broad range of civil engineering disciplines from mechanical, electrical, and chemical components. In addition, the PES Schedule focuses on aerospace, marine, and nuclear engineering services.

The PES Schedule provides federal consumers with a flexible and easy-to-use source for identifying businesses – like yours – in the engineering arena. By providing strategic planning, concept development, integrated logistics, and system design, your firm can capitalize on an array of opportunities through the GSA Professional Engineering Services Schedule.

Some of the services covered by GSA Schedule 871 include:

  • Planning services relating to technology programs, such as satellite navigation
  • Concept development for engineering projects
  • Analysis of the requirements for a potential engineering project, including materials, personnel and finances
  • Design, engineering and integration of a system
  • Testing systems to see if they meet the original design goals
  • Planning support for the personnel, materials, malignance and repairs necessary for a system
  • Systems acquisition services
  • Management of systems throughout their life cycles
  • Management of construction for engineering projects