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Building an Effective Pipeline

Capture Process Webinar Series – Part 2

The “Improving Your Capture Process Webinar Series” hosted by AOC Key Solutions and Federal Schedules, Inc. continued with the second webinar, Building an Effective Pipeline. Gina Gallagher, President of AOC Key Solutions and Melody Giangreco, Executive Contracts Manager at FEDSched, once again collaborated to share their government contract expertise with the audience.

Here’s a look at some of what you missed:

  • Resources available to help identify opportunities and research the market
  • A guide for creating a gate review process for opportunities
  • Stages to consider in the review process (from lead identification and qualification to marking the opportunity as a win, loss, or no bid)
  • Information to collect and consider
  • Tips for GSA Schedule Contractors to help them find success in their markets
  • Regulations that affect GSA Schedule Contracts
  • Where to locate GSA opportunities (eBuy and FedBizOpps)

Gina kicked off the presentation by providing a list of resources available to help contractors identify opportunities and research the market. She then provided an outline for creating and implementing an effective gate review process.

For the GSA Schedule portion of the webinar, Melody emphasized the importance of having a strong understanding of the GSA Schedule procurement process. She reviewed the GSA Schedule ordering process, benefits, and resources for finding opportunities.

Complete the form below to view the webinar recording.  AOC Key Solutions and FEDSched are available for consultations to discuss your company’s specific needs.

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