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How to Effectively Manage Your GSA Schedule

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Your company invested significant time to obtain your GSA Schedule Contract(s). Are you getting the most out of your investment, or are you frustrated with lack of sales? Do you understand your contract responsibilities and requirements, or is your company at risk of non-compliance?

A successful GSA Schedule Contract that generates sales is a collaborative effort between contract administration, sales, and marketing teams. During this webinar recording you’ll learn how contract administration and compliance can impact your bottom line. You’ll also find out how an understanding of the GSA Schedule ordering process empowers your sales team and learn about resources you can use to evaluate the market and find opportunities.

Request the Webinar Recording of How to Effectively Manage Your GSA Schedule Contract to learn:

  • Best Practices for GSA Contract Administration, Sales, & Marketing
  • GSA Contract Reporting Requirements
  • Sales Practices & GSA Contract Compliance
  • Contractor Assessment vs. OIG Audit
  • GSA Contract Benefits From Your Buyer’s Perspective
  • Steps to Identify or Reevaluate Your Target Market
  • Resources for Finding Contract Opportunities

Whether you recently received your GSA Contract award or are looking to refresh your compliance knowledge and reevaluate your sales strategy – fill out the form below to view the webinar recording and learn the essentials of GSA Contract Compliance, Sales, & Marketing.


How to Effectively Manage Your GSA Schedule

Webinar Recording