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How to Get a GSA MAS Contract

How to Get a GSA MAS Contract

If your company is considering a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here, we’ll provide an overview of what the process of obtaining the contract looks like.

To start, getting a GSA MAS Contract can be referred to in multiple ways, which can be confusing if you are new to the world of GSA. Getting a GSA MAS Contract is commonly referred to as getting: on the GSA list, a GSA Schedule, a GSA number, GSA approved, or GSA pricing. These terms are all different ways of saying, obtaining a GSA MAS Contract.

In addition to causing confusion, the various terminology can lead to the misconception that getting a GSA MAS Contract involves a simple registration or application form. In actuality, it involves a formal proposal process that can take anywhere from a few months, to well over a year. The steps below outline the process. For a more in-depth review, download our GSA BGuide.

Steps to Get a GSA MAS Contract

GSA Assessment

Before you begin the process, it’s important to first determine your eligibility. If you are eligible to obtain a GSA MAS Contract, the next step is to determine potential benefit and readiness. Review our 8-question assessment to help determine if your company should obtain a GSA MAS Contract.

Getting Started

If your company is not already registered as an entity on the System for Award Management (SAM), start that process first. SAM registration is required to do business with the federal government; it is not a requirement specific to GSA.

The solicitation and attachments can easily add up to hundreds of pages of reading. While it’s time consuming, it is important to read through the solicitation and attachment thoroughly to ensure your proposal addresses all of the requirements.

It’s also important to carefully consider your SIN placement within the GSA MAS Contract. The SINs you pursue will determine your proposal requirements and also impact what bids you have access to.

*Note: SAM is a free registration! Visit

Proposal Development

When preparing your proposal, keep in mind, your GSA MAS Contract will have a potential 20-year term. While you can make updates throughout the life of your contract, the pricing, terms, and conditions you establish at the start can sometimes impact your ability to make future changes.

The strategy behind the development of your proposal and pricing negotiations is important to your success and will serve as a foundation for future sales.

  • Gather Required Documentation Based Upon Solicitation and Applicable Attachments
  • Write Your Proposal
  • Submit Your Proposal through GSA’s eOffer System

Proposal Review & Award

During the proposal review phase, expect to receive requests for clarifications and additional information — and be prepared to respond promptly.

In terms of timeframe, proposal review can generally take 3 to 8 months. However, this timeframe can vary significantly, depending upon the scope of your offering, the category/categories you submit under, and your contracting officer’s workload. For example, while GSA is working to reduce the backlog of offers, proposals under the Facilities Large Category can take well over a year.

  • GSA Review & Clarifications
  • GSA Contract Negotiation
  • Final Proposal Revision
  • GSA Contract Award!

Post-Award Contract Management

The award of your GSA MAS Contract is a milestone to celebrate and marks the beginning of a new phase in your journey. As your company grows and evolves, so should your GSA MAS Contract. Over the course of your contract’s life, you can submit modifications to adjust your pricing and offerings.

It’s also important to keep track of your post-award requirements to maintain compliance.

Need Help Getting Your GSA MAS Contract?

FEDSched has been helping companies get their GSA MAS Contracts since 1986. Our team of experts can help you through each step of the process – from identifying the appropriate GSA categories and developing pricing strategies, to preparing your proposal and fielding negotiations with GSA. Learn more about our services to help you obtain a GSA MAS Contract here or Contact Us.