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GSA Contract Extension

Exercising the GSA Contract Extension Option



A GSA Schedule Contract is valid for a potential twenty years which includes an initial five-year period and three five-year extension options. Your GSA Schedule Contract renewal is not automatic; you must be invited by GSA to exercise your extension option. Your GSA Contracting Officer (CO) will determine if an invitation to extend should be issued based upon a number of factors which may include:

  • Are contract terms & conditions being met?
  • Is GSA approved pricelist current and up-to-date on GSA Advantage!?
  • What has been the feedback from any Contractor Assistance Visit (CAV) and Administrative Report Card?
  • Are sales requirements being met ($25,000 in first and second year combined, $25,000 in each subsequent year)?
  • Have subcontracting goals been reviewed and approved?
  • Has financial stability been maintained?

What You Need to Know About the Extension Option Process

  • You should receive an email regarding the extension option approximately 7 months prior to your contract expiration date
  • The person listed as your Authorized Negotiator will receive the extension option email, so the Authorized Negotiator and their contact information should be kept up-to-date
  • The Authorized Negotiator must have a current digital certificate (digital certificates must be updated every 2 years) to complete the extension option through eMod

Get GSA Contract Extension Help

While securing a GSA Contract extension is not quite as involved as obtaining the original Contract Award, it can be complex and time-consuming. Deadlines imposed by your Contracting Officer add another layer of stress. FEDSched offers full-service GSA Contract extension assistance to alleviate the complexities associated with the extension process and allow your resources to remain focused on core responsibilities.

Our contracts team will coordinate with you to prepare an extension package based upon your Final Proposal Revision, current organizational structure, product/service offerings, and pricing. After review and submission of the extension package, FEDSched will handle all correspondence with your Contracting Officer, keeping you informed during the entire process. We provide expert guidance on how to best respond to GSA information requests and, if required, we will conduct contract negotiations in securing your GSA Contract extension.