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Federal Schedule, Inc. is dedicated to providing each and every client with superior service. We operate on the belief that our clients’ success is integral to ours and we approach their projects as we would approach our own.

Successfully serving clients since 1986, we have developed a depth of knowledge and a proven methodology that enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs. Our proactive approach and commitment to total client satisfaction ensures that we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do, and we will always seek innovative ways to better serve our clients.

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"While I expected outsourcing to provide us with the benefits of having someone assist in the general administration of the process, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the REAL value your firm brought to this project — strategy and negotiation expertise."
Allen Christy
Cherokee Nation Government Solutions
"I would like to thank you and your organization for doing an outstanding job on our GSA Schedule. I never doubted my selection of Federal Schedules, and you proved me correct. From the very first meeting, to our award today, your organization has been wonderful."
Keith E. Johnson
Akamai Technologies, Inc.
"Thanks again to you for all your vigilance and perseverance in securing this Federal Contract for EarthWalk. Your work was impeccable!"
Frank E. Spengler
EarthWalk Communications, Inc.
"After dealing with our past consultant, and the frustration of waiting extended periods of time for modifications and updates to occur, I have been amazed at how responsive your firm is and how quickly you are able to work with GSA to update and modify our Schedule. It has contributed to the significant success of my firm in the past year."
David Phelps
Merlin International

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