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Assessment Support

A Contractor Assessment Visit (CAV) is intended to serve as both an educational opportunity and a compliance check on your GSA Contract. In addition to preparing your team, FEDSched can provide advisement to help you understand and appropriately respond to GSA’s requests during your Contractor Assessment.

Virtual Contractor Assessment

GSA Contractor Assessments are conducted by an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) and can occur as frequently as once a year. While Contractor Assessments can be conducted on-site, the majority of assessments are now conducted virtually.

While Contractor Assessments are frequently mistaken for audits, true audits are conducted by the GSA Office of Inspector General (OIG). The purpose of the Contractor Assessment is to ensure you are properly managing your GSA Contract in compliance with GSA Contract terms and conditions. There are two types of Contractor Assessments: 1) Annual Assessments and 2) End of Term (EOT) Assessments.

Annual Assessments

Annual Assessments are typically viewed as short, spot checks. During an Annual Assessment, the IOA will at minimum check that you are complying with:

  • Sales Tracking and Reporting
  • Pricing
  • Prompt Payment Terms
  • TAA Compliance
  • Labor Qualifications

End of Term Assessment

End of Term Assessments are more in-depth than Annual Contractor Assessments. During an End of Term Assessment, the IOA will review all items checked in the Annual Assessment, as well as the scope of your contract, your terms and conditions document, and GSA Advantage catalog. Additionally, the IOA will check compliance with your Basis of Award (BOA) and e-verify requirements.

What Will an IOA Check During a Contractor Assessment Visit?

Contractor Assessments may vary depending on the type – Annual or End of Term – and the Industrial Operations Analyst conducting the assessment. The IOA must review at minimum the items detailed above, however they have the discretion to expand their review. For example, during an Annual Contractor Assessment, the IOA may choose to also request your GSA terms and conditions document.

Below are a few examples of what the IOA may review during a Contractor Assessment.

  • The IOA may review your approved GSA price list against recent invoices and your GSA Advantage catalog to ensure your company is extending the appropriate GSA approved pricing to GSA customers.
  • If you provide service through your GSA Contract, the IOA may request resumes of the personnel performing under GSA Contract orders to ensure they meet labor category qualifications.
  • The IOA may also request a list of non-GSA customers to check for orders that may have been misclassified.

GSA Contractor
Assessment Support

GSA Contractor Assessments are intended as friendly visits, however they can sometimes uncover significant deficiencies in contract management and compliance. While the IOA does not have the authority to take action against a company, they can provide recommendations to the company’s Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) who is authorized to take action.

The IOA will detail their findings in a Contractor Assessment Report that is given to the company and the company’s PCO. Depending upon the severity of deficiencies detailed in the report, the PCO may decide to require corrective actions or, in extreme and rare cases, cancel a company’s GSA Contract.

Have confidence heading into your next Contractor Assessment with FEDSched’s support. Our team will help you make sense of the information requested, provide guidance in collecting the required documents, and prepare your team for the upcoming assessment. During your Contractor Assessment, FEDSched will be in virtual attendance to help respond to your IOA’s questions and requests. We’ll also review your Contractor Assessment report and provide recommendations based upon your IOA’s findings.

Our GSA Contractor Assessment Support Includes:

  • Discussing the GSA Contractor Assessment Process
  • Reviewing Any Previous GSA Contractor Assessment Reports
  • Providing Guidance on Collection of Documentation Requested by the IOA
  • Pre-Identifying Potential Items of Non-Compliance
  • Assisting with Responses to IOA Questions and Requests