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Assessment Support

Formerly known as Contractor Assistance Visits (CAVs), GSA Contractor Assessments are often mistaken for audits. However, true audits are conducted by the GSA Office of Inspector General (OIG). GSA Contractor Assessments are conducted by an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) and are intended to educate GSA Schedule Contract holders on proper GSA Contract management.

Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) Visit

GSA Contractor Assessments, will occur anywhere from twice during a five-year contract period to annually. Typically, a CAV will be scheduled mid-term of the five-year contract period, and prior to a contract extension. The purpose of the CAV is to ensure you are properly administering your GSA Schedule Contract and are in compliance with GSA Schedule Contract requirements.  With that in mind, the IOA will review your system for tracking and reporting GSA sales, invoices, and general compliance with the terms and conditions of your contract.

During the visit, the IOA reviews a sample of both GSA and non-GSA orders to ensure:

  • The correct, GSA approved pricing is extended to all GSA customers
  • All GSA Contract items correspond to an approved Special Item Number (SIN)
  • All deliverables are provided within the contractually negotiated terms

GSA Contractor
Assessment Support

While GSA Contractor Assessments are intended as friendly visits, the IOA’s findings are detailed in an Contractor Assessment Report that is shared with your Contracting Officer. FEDSched’s Executive Contracts Managers can help prepare your company for a GSA Contractor Assessment.

Our GSA Contractor Assessment Support includes:

  • Briefing your team on the GSA Contractor Assessment process
  • Reviewing any previous GSA Contractor Assessment Reports
    • Guidance on gathering of necessary documentation
    • Pre-identifying potential items of non-compliance
  • Assistance responding to IOA questions and requests

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