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Category D

Human Capital

At FEDSched, our team is fully up to speed on the new solicitation since GSA made the announcement regarding the consolidated GSA Schedule. Explore Category D for information on Human Capital services and services including human resources, social services, background investigations and more.

Category D | Human Capital

  • SIN 561611 – HR Support: Pre Employment Background Investigations
  • SIN 541214HR – Compensation & Benefits
  • SIN 54161 – Agency Human Capital Evaluation
  • SIN 56131 – Talent Acquisition
  • SIN 524292 – Separation & Retirement
  • SIN 541611W – Workforce Analytics & Employee Records
  • SIN 541612EPM – Employee Performance Management
  • SIN 541612ER – Employee Relations
  • SIN 541612HC – Agency Human Capital Strategy, Policy & Operations
  • SIN 541612LR – Labor Relations
  • SIN 541612OPM – Private Shared Service Center for Core HR Services
  • SIN 541612PSSC – Private Shared Service Center for HR Services
  • SIN 561EEO – EEO Services
  • SIN 611430TD – Talent Development
  • SIN 624SS – Social Services, Professional Counseling & Veterans’ Readjustment & Behavioral Health Services
  • SIN 561320SBSA – Temporary Staffing (SBSA)

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