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Agency Spending through the GSA Schedule

Last fiscal year, government buyers spent more than $65 billion through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract (GSA Schedule) and the VA Federal Supply Schedule (VA Schedule) combined. Read on to find out how much your government buyers spend through these governmentwide contracts.

How much are your government buyers spending through the GSA Schedule

Who is Eligible to Buy through the GSA Schedule?

The GSA Schedule is a governmentwide contract, which means it can be used by multiple agencies, not just GSA. State and local government can also use the GSA Schedule to purchase IT and security solutions under the Cooperative Purchasing Program or products and services used for Disaster Recovery purposes.

The following entities are authorized to purchase through the GSA Schedule. For a full list, view GSA’s website here.

  • All Federal Departments and Agencies (Military and Civilian)
  • District of Columbia
  • Wholly-Owned & Mixed-Ownership Government Corporations
  • Tribes and Tribal Organizations
  • The American National Red Cross

Why Buyers May Prefer the GSA Schedule

  • There Are No Order Limitations
  • A Synopsis is Not Required
  • Pricing is Pre-Determined by GSA to be “Fair and Reasonable”
  • GSA Schedule Contracts Meet Applicable Regulations & Competition Requirements
  • Order Turn-Around Time is Significantly Less Than Open-Market Procurements
  • GSA Schedule Contracts Qualify as a Tier 2 Solution and, in some cases, a Best-in-Class Solution to Help Agencies Meet Governmentwide Category Management Goals

FY 2023 GSA & VA Schedule
Spending by Agency Stats

Top 10: Agencies with Highest Spending
through GSA & VA Schedule Contracts FY 2023

The chart below shows the ten agencies that spent the highest amount through GSA/VA Schedule Contracts in fiscal year 2023. The Department of Defense (DOD) as a whole consistently outspends all other agencies through the GSA Contract. While not shown in the chart, the Army accounts for approximately 35% of DOD’s spending through the GSA Schedule, followed by the Air Force at 15%, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) at 9%, and the Navy at 8%.

Top 10: Agencies with Highest Percentage of Spending
through GSA & VA Schedule Contracts FY 2023

While DOD awards the most through the GSA & VA Schedule Contracts, those awards represent a fraction of the agency’s total contract awards. The ten agencies detailed in the chart below awarded the highest percentage of their contracts through GSA/VA Schedules in fiscal year 2023. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is the most widely known agency in this group. SBA awarded nearly $146 million in contract awards through GSA and VA Schedule Contracts in fiscal year 2023; this is more than all the other agencies detailed in the chart below combined.

GSA & VA Schedule Spending by Agency FY 2023

Explore the chart below to review spending through the GSA/VA Schedule Contract by agency. You can also search for a specific agency to see their total spend through GSA/VA Schedule Contracts in fiscal year 2023.

Source: System for Award Management (SAM)/Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS). FPDS is based upon contract award data reported by federal agencies and is not required to include contract awards valued under $10,000.

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