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GSA Post-Award Checklist

Securing a GSA Schedule is no small feat, but effective post-award contract management is just as important to your success.

Maintaining a Current, Complete, & Compliant GSA Contract

As a potential twenty year contract, the viability of your GSA Schedule is largely dependent upon your ability to maintain:

  • Compliance with Contract regulations and requirements; and
  • An up-to-date price list that reflects your most current products, services, and pricing

Developing a solid marketing plan for targeting government buyers is the first step to becoming a successful GSA Schedule Contractor.  The next step is to implement a system for ensuring your GSA Schedule Contract is consistently current, complete, and compliant.

GSA Contract Management Checklist

GSA Schedule Contract holders must annually update their registration on the System for Award Management (SAM.gov). Throughout the life of your GSA Schedule Contract this registration should be kept current and complete. It is also important to keep your digital certificate current; this is needed to access the eMod system where you can submit changes to your contract. A digital certificate is held by an employee, not by the company, and is valid for two years.

Your Contracting Officer will use the information listed on your GSA eLibrary page to contact you. Potential customers may also contact you based on the information listed on eLibrary, so it is important to ensure this information is always current and complete.

Download orders from GSA Advantage! Purchase Order Portal as they are received

GSA Advantage! (http://www.gsaadvantage.gov/) is an online catalog of products and services available for procurement through the GSA Schedules. As a GSA Schedule Contractor you are required to upload your approved GSA Schedule Contract price list to GSA Advantage! within six months of receiving your Contract Award. Even if your products/services do not lend themselves to online purchases, you must post them to Advantage!. Your GSA Advantage! posting should mirror your approved GSA price list at all times; meaning only pricing, products, and services approved by your Contracting Officer can be posted on Advantage!.

According to GSA, over one million customers visit the GSA Advantage! website per week, placing over 30,000 orders.

Check e-Buy for new opportunities on a daily/weekly basis

e-Buy (http://www.ebuy.gsa.gov/) program is an online Request for Quote (RFQ) system that allows GSA Schedule Contractors to receive relevant opportunities based upon the Special Item Number(s) they hold. Once your GSA Schedule price list is uploaded to Advantage! you will be able to login to e-Buy and select the categories for which you would like to receive RFQ notices. Click here to view GSA’s e-Buy Tutorial for Sellers.

In order to maintain compliance and maximize sales through your GSA Schedule Contract, it is important to keep pricing and product/service offerings up-to-date.  In order to make any change to your GSA Schedule Contract you must submit a modification request to GSA. Changes include but are not limited to:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Point of Contact Information
  • Addition/Deletion of Products/Services
  • Price Increases/Decreases

As a GSA Schedule Contractor you are required to submit various reports on a reoccurring basis. The chart below details required reports and their corresponding due dates. Two major requirements are GSA Sales reporting, also known as 72A reporting, and remittance of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF). Contractors are required to submit a 72A report even if zero dollars were made through the GSA Schedule.

*Subcontracting reports are not a requirement for small businesses.

A change in Basis of Award discounting practices can trigger the Price Reductions Clause

Successfully tracking GSA sales and Basis of Award (BOA) customer or customer class is an important component of contract compliance.  Accurately tracking and reporting GSA Contract sales is particularly important because the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) owed to GSA each quarter is calculated based upon sales.

Your Basis of Award is just that – the basis upon which your contract pricing was negotiated and awarded. Any change in discounting practices offered to your Basis of Award customer or customer class must be reported to your Contracting Officer and may necessitate a change in your GSA Contract pricing as defined by the Price Reductions Clause.

GSA Schedule Contracts provide government contractors with significant potential for growth within the government marketplace, however they are governed by a wide set of laws and regulations. In order to be a successful GSA Schedule Contract holder, Contractors should implement a compliance program that:

  • Establishes a system for tracking items that impact compliance (GSA Sales, BOA, etc..)
  • Educates staff on procedures required to maintain the established tracking system
  • Sets internal controls for ensuring the effectiveness of the compliance program

Contractors who follow these recommendations can confidently focus on achieving sales and growth, knowing they have a solid system in place for maintaining GSA Schedule Contract compliance.

Depending upon the scope and complexity of your GSA Schedule Contract, management can be anything from a time-consuming task to a complicated full-time job. Federal Schedules, Inc. offers a full range of GSA Contract management services to help relieve the administrative burden and provide you with a team of GSA Schedule Contract experts.  Our GSA Contract Management services include:

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • On-going GSA Contract Maintenance
  • One-time Contract Modifications
  • GSA Contract Renewals
  • IOA/CAV Visit Support
  • OIG Audit Support
  • GSA Advantage! Uploads

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