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GSA Streamlined Offer

If your company holds a GSA Schedule Contract – also known as a Multiple Award Schedule or MAS Contract – you probably know that your contract is good for a potential 20-year term (an initial term of 5-years and three 5-year extension options). However, you may not know that you can submit an offer to obtain a new MAS contract at any time. In fact, if you have held your contract for 14 or more years, you may have already received an email from GSA about pursuing a new MAS Contract under the streamlined offer process.

What is the Streamlined Offer Process?

In 2016, GSA created a “streamlined process” for companies to obtain a new GSA Schedule Contract when their existing contract reaches the final option period. Companies that qualify for the streamlined offer process must still submit a proposal online through GSA’s eOffer system and undergo a review at GSA. The streamlined offer process reduces the amount of information required in the proposal in comparison to a standard new offer.

Under the streamlined offer process companies are not required to submit the following:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Dun & Bradstreet Past Performance Open Ratings Report
  • Past Performance
  • Financial Statements
  • Corporate Experience
  • Relevant Project Experience

With so much at stake, GSA OIG audits are a serious matter, warranting meticulous preparation. Federal Schedules provides full-service support to successfully prepare your company for, and navigate you through the GSA OIG audit process.  This includes participating in initial meetings with the GSA Office of the Inspector General regarding the scope, timing, and data requirements of your audit, as well as prepping your team and conducting an internal review of all information to be presented to the auditors. We will work with you to assess potential exposures, prepare explanations for any transactions that appear to be out of compliance, and mitigate risk.

Who is Eligible for the
Streamlined Offer Process?

If your company is an existing GSA Schedule Contract holder, you can qualify to submit an offer to obtain a new MAS Contract under the streamlined offer process if:

  • Your new offer contains the same Special Item Numbers (SINs) awarded in your existing GSA Schedule Contract
  • Sales under your existing GSA Schedule Contract averaged at least $25,000 per year for the past 5 years of reported sales
  • You have maintained satisfactory past performance under your existing GSA Schedule Contract

If you have low sales or are looking to add products or services under different SINs, you can still pursue a new GSA Schedule Contract, but you will not be exempt from providing any of the documentation required for submitting a new offer.

When Should You Pursue a New GSA MAS Contract?

It is important to plan ahead to avoid a lapse in GSA Schedule Contracts and missed opportunities. Keep in mind, GSA initiates the renewal process 210 days prior to the contract’s expiration date. At minimum, plan to assess your situation around year 14 of your contract.

4 Factors That Determine When You Should Pursue a New MAS Contract:
  1. If You Qualify for the Streamlined New Offer Process – If your company does not qualify for the streamlined new offer process, plan to significantly increase the amount of time you spend on proposal development.
  2. The State of Your Current GSA MAS Contract – Even if you qualify for the streamlined new offer process, if your GSA Schedule Contract is outdated, there’s a good chance your contracting officer will request information that would not otherwise be required. Take the time to evaluate your contract and make updates to your offering and pricing as needed prior to pursuing a new MAS Contract. Don’t forget to check for any outstanding mass modifications.
  3. The GSA Schedule You Hold – The review time for proposals can vary from a few months to over a year, depending upon the GSA Schedule. The IT Schedule typically has one of the shortest review periods, while the Furniture, Security, and Professional Services Schedules are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Check the solicitation posting on FBO.gov for estimated review times and factor this into your decision.
  4. Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)/Orders – You may want to consider pursuing a new contract before you exercise all extension options in order to compete for upcoming BPAs and orders. To be considered for a BPA under the Schedule, the term of your GSA Schedule Contract, including option periods, must cover the period of performance of the BPA. While orders can be placed up until the last day of your GSA Schedule Contract, order options cannot be exercised past your contract expiration. That said, BPAs and orders can be the driving factor that determines when you begin the process to obtain a new GSA Schedule Contract.

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