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GSA Advantage

Need Help With GSA Advantage Uploads?

Short on time? Confused by GSA’s Schedule Input Program (SIP)?  FEDSched can upload and update your GSA Advantage catalog, so you can focus on sales.

GSA Advantage Explained

  • GSA Catalog - the line item listing of your products
  • GSA Price List - also known as your GSA text file or terms & conditions document

GSA Advantage Requirements

If your company holds a GSA Schedule Contract, you’re required to upload your approved price list to GSA’s online shopping platform, Advantage. This requirement applies to both products and services.

Besides being a contractual requirement, GSA Advantage provides market exposure. According to GSA, over one million customers a week visit the website and place over 30,000 orders per week.

As a GSA Contract holder, it’s your responsibility to keep Advantage up to date. That means any changes you make to your GSA Contract pricing, products, or labor categories – which must first be approved by GSA through modifications – should be updated in your text file and uploaded to GSA Advantage in a timely manner.

GSA Advantage Uploads

Updating your GSA Advantage catalog can be complicated and time consuming if you’re unfamiliar with GSA’s SIP or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) upload procedures.

FEDSched provides GSA Advantage support to help you quickly and accurately upload your approved price list. Our GSA Advantage service complies with all GSA SIP format and processing procedures.

Whether you need to upload your GSA pricelist for the first time or update your existing GSA catalog, FEDSched has the tools in place to meet your GSA Advantage needs.

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