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GSA Advantage!

What is GSA Advantage!

GSA Advantage! is an online shopping site for government agencies that contains GSA approved products and services. All products on GSA Advantage! reflect pre-discounted rates and should be Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant.

GSA Contract Holder Responsibilities

All GSA Schedule Contract holders are required to upload their GSA approved price list to GSA Advantage! within six months of their Contract Award. This applies to both products and services. While services do not typically lend themselves to online purchases, they are not exempt from this requirement.

A company’s GSA Advantage! listing should be updated as pricing and products change. All changes must first be submitted to GSA through modification requests. Once a modification is approved, the company’s revised price list or product/service listing should be uploaded to GSA Advantage! in a timely manner.

Besides being a contractual requirement, GSA Advantage! provides market exposure. According to GSA, over one million customers a week visit the website and place over 30,000 orders per week.

GSA Advantage!
Price List Uploads

Uploading your GSA price list to GSA Advantage! can be complicated and time consuming if your company is unfamiliar with GSA’s Schedules Input Program (SIP) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) upload procedures. Federal Schedules, Inc. provides GSA Advantage! services to help companies quickly and accurately upload their approved pricelist to the GSA Advantage! site. Our GSA Advantage! service complies with all GSA SIP format and processing procedures. Whether you need to upload your GSA pricelist for the first time or update your existing GSA catalog, Federal Schedules, Inc. has the tools in place to meet your GSA Advantage! Needs.

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