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Obtain a GSA Schedule

Our full-service GSA Schedule proposal assistance provides your company with a team of GSA Schedule Contract experts dedicated to your success. From strategy development and proposal preparation, to contract negotiation and award – your contracts team completes as much of the work as possible, providing expert consultation throughout the process.

GSA Schedule Proposal Process

Securing a GSA Schedule Contract is not simply a matter of filling out paperwork; the proposal process can be complicated, lengthy, and time-consuming.  Your GSA Schedule Contract establishes pricing, terms, and conditions that will dictate how you do business with the federal government for the term of your contract. The strategy behind the development of your proposal and pricing negotiations will serve as a foundation for future sales and is important to your success.

  • Save an Average of 190 Hours in Company Resources
  • Reduce Your Risk of Proposal Rejection
  • Obtain Your GSA Contract 6 to 12 Months Sooner
  • Educate Your Team on How to Best Use Your GSA Contract
  • Understand Your Post-Award Contract Requirements

GSA Schedule Consultation
and Strategy Development

Our strategic implementation phase is designed to outline your organization’s goals and objectives for getting a GSA Schedule Contract and to develop a customized approach for your organization. Our strategy sessions outline and determine pricing structures and profitability requirements. We determine which products and/or services to offer to the government, as well as what discounts to offer GSA. We help you prepare for the impact of holding a GSA Schedule Contract and review your warranties, guarantees, and other terms and conditions for the products/services to be offered to the government.

GSA Proposal Development
and Submission

We have a broad and deep understanding of the industries we serve, and we provide expert proposal development on behalf of our clients for all of their GSA Schedule Contract needs. We effectively and efficiently manage the entire proposal process – from completion of forms for signature to preparation of all representations, disclosures, and price lists. Our experienced team of contracting professionals ensures your proposal is perfect from each of the three critical perspectives: your’s, your buyer’s, and GSA’s.

GSA Contract Negotiation
and GSA Contract Award

The negotiation phase of your GSA Schedule Contract Award is time-consuming and includes preliminary information clarification, negotiations, final proposal revisions, and contract award. Federal Schedules’ fluency with the award process and our knowledge of policy ensures that all relevant information requests are answered promptly, and irrelevant information requests are respectfully declined. We make certain not to divulge any information that is not required and that could impair our ability to negotiate the best terms on your behalf. We serve as the primary point of contact with GSA through the entire process and we negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions in alignment with your organizational objectives and guidelines – keeping you posted every step of the way.