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GSA Schedule Disaster Purchasing


What is GSA Disaster Purchasing?

GSA Schedule Contracts streamline the government procurement process, saving government buyers time and money. The General Services Administration (GSA) pre-vets companies and negotiates pricing, terms, and conditions for specific products and services. The resulting contract is called a GSA Schedule Contract. While all federal agencies are eligible to purchase through GSA Schedules, state and local government buyers are restricted to certain circumstances.

Disaster Purchasing is a program that allows state and local government to purchase from any GSA Schedule in the event of a disaster. Disasters must be declared by the President under the Stafford Act and can include natural disasters or man-made disasters, such as terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attacks. Disaster Purchasing must be in relation to preparing for, responding to, or recovering from a disaster.

GSA Schedule Disaster Purchasing Sales

Disaster Recovery Purchasing was implemented in fiscal year 2007. At the time, it could only be used for purchases used to recover from a disaster. In 2010, the program was expanded to allow for disaster preparedness and disaster response purchases.

Disaster Purchasing – FY17 Sales by Top GSA Schedules

In fiscal year 2017, GSA Schedule contractors took in more than $130 million in disaster purchasing sales. The chart below shows the ten GSA Schedules with the highest reported disaster purchasing sales in fiscal year 2017.

Disaster Purchasing – FY17 Sales by Top GSA Schedule SINs

Each GSA Schedule is broken down into subcategories called Special Item Numbers (SINs). The SINs provide greater insight into what state and local buyers purchased through the GSA Schedule for Disaster Preparedness, Response, or Recovery. The chart below details the ten SINs with the highest reported disaster purchasing sales in fiscal year 2017.

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