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Federal Schedules, Inc. Review

“After sitting through a local PTAC seminar about getting on the GSA we thought we were savvy enough to navigate the waters ourselves. After several months of putting together an application, back and forth with the GSA and many more months of waiting we received a rejection letter. We learned the hard way that we needed a consultant.

We called FEDSched. They had us resubmitted just a few days after our first call. They did all the work and everything was better and faster than expected. Needless to say, our submission was quickly accepted and they walked us through the negotiation process…a process we would not have known how to manage on our own had we somehow managed to make it that far.

In the end, they performed exactly as advertised and have my highest recommendation for anybody looking for help getting on the GSA.”

Joseph B Lawrence, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, FAPhA
Chief Executive Officer | Nationwide Pharmaceutical

Nationwide Pharmaceutical

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