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Project-Contract Management

SAFE 'N' CLEAR Communicator mask "Thank you to you and your team for your patience, guidance, and solid effort in helping our company achieve a GSA contract. Within the next week or so Safe 'N' Clear will have our clear face mask (ADA effective for improved communication) on GSA Advantage and will be driving into 2023 hopefully increasing our sales to all the .gov groups out there!"
Richard Neal, Government Relations
Safe 'N' Clear
"As a client with limited experience negotiating Federal Contracts, I interviewed several agencies that work with their clients to achieve a GSA Contract. After this process it was obvious to me that Federal Schedules was the firm that I wanted to partner with on the journey. The decision I made was just the beginning, as I began to work with Peter Cowles it became quite apparent that I made the correct choice. Peter and his group were supportive and energized and their knowledge was amazing. Their ability to teach and council me were so important in my learning step by step the processes as we proceeded. After the contract was awarded, it became evident that we needed to retain the services of Federal Schedules and particularly Peter and his group, to continue the process going forward for the next year. I am glad to say I will continue to work with Peter and his group throughout 2023."
Richard E. Carroll
Drexal Metals
"Brenden has been supporting Applied Computing Technologies, Inc. (ACT) for quite some time with our GSA MAS Schedule, and he has always been a fantastic resource.  His understanding of the process, what is needed, and making sure we are clear on the requirements and next steps has been exceptional.  He has made what could have been a very challenging effort go super smooth.  I really value his professionalism and subject matter expertise.  He is always flexible to find the time to meet and to answer the questions which continue to pop up along the way. I am a firm believer in calling out exceptional work, and you should be very proud of Brenden’s capabilities, work ethic, and customer service mind set.  He is definitely a valuable asset to your team, and a great representative for FEDSched.  We are so very happy to have him supporting the ACT Team."
Dan Korbini
Applied Computing Technologies, Inc.
"After dealing with our past consultant, and the frustration of waiting extended periods of time for modifications and updates to occur, I have been amazed at how responsive your firm is and how quickly you are able to work with GSA to update and modify our Schedule. It has contributed to the significant success of my firm in the past year."
David Phelps
Merlin International
"I have used Federal Schedules to manage 6 GSA Federal Supply Schedules for two different companies over a period of 12 years. They know the system very well and as someone who had never stuck his foot into that pond prior to our initial efforts they could not have made it easier."
Kevin Wilson
DLH Solutions, Inc.
"I wanted to say thank you again to everyone for getting the bed modification completed in time for us to win the bid we were going for. Apparently our competition thought we were lying about having the bed on contract as according to them no one can get anything on contract that fast. Apparently the competitor was not happy when they realized all was in order. So kudos to the team on accomplishing such a fast mod."
Lindsay Santos
American Contract Furniture
"I can not say enough good things about what Federal Schedules, Inc has done for Zanfel Laboratories, Inc, as well as for the Zanfel brand, both in contracting and in distribution. Not only did Peter and Elizabeth walk us through the contracting process in order to expedite Zanfel's contract renewal, but they also shared insight where new opportunities might exist for Zanfel's product, Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash. Zanfel was very cautious in establishing a business relationship with Federal Schedules, Inc, as what they were promoting actually seemed "too good to be true". The learning curve involving the exchange of information about Zanfel Laboratories and its flagship product, Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash, took a few weeks to conclude this dialog exchange. Once the renewal paperwork had been completed, it was just a matter of time in order to wait for the VA contracting officer to begin the review. And Federal Schedules, Inc personnel were ready!!!. As the renewal paperwork was so thoroughly completed, the contracting officer admitted that there wasn't really anything left to negotiate. And Zanfel Laboratories personnel were ready for that! Again, I can not say enough about Federal Schedules, Inc. They have "over delivered" on every aspect that we discussed. In my humble opinion, it's not a matter of whether or not you partner with Federal Schedules, Inc, but the real question is, why haven't you partnered with them already???"
Steve Sisler
Zanfel Laboratories, Inc
"In the past we have always done all the work on our GSA contract. Since we were overwhelmingly busy we decided to shop around for someone else to handle the GSA renewal process. After extensive research we selected Fed Schedules. The process was so easy and painless that everyone in our office was wondering why we had not done it sooner. Their knowledge and expertise was well above our expectations and I would highly recommend Federal Schedules, Inc."
Kevin Peithman
Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc.
"ARS is extremely pleased with the quick turn on the updating of our GSA Schedule Contract. Erika and Tom are able to quickly perform the necessary tasks with minimal ARS intervention. This directly leads to increased revenue for ARS."
Bryce Skinn
Applied Research Solutions, Inc.