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GSA Schedule for Logistics Services

What-is-a-GSA-ScheduleCompanies that offer supply chain management and logistics related services to the U.S. federal government may want to consider obtaining a GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) to streamline the government sales process.  In fiscal year 2016, companies that held a GSA PSS Contract for Logistics took in over $350 million in contract awards.

GSA PSS Schedule Subcategories for Logistics

Below is a listing of subcategories known as Special Item Numbers (SINs) under the GSA PSS Contract for logistics services. Click on the SIN number to view a full description of the SIN on GSA’s eLibrary website and a listing of companies that currently offer products and/or services through that SIN.

SIN #                        SIN Description                   

874 501 Supply and Value Chain Management
874 503 Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services
874 504 Deployment Logistics
874 505 Logistics Training Services
874 507 Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management

Get Help Obtaining a GSA PSS Contract for Logistics

Federal Schedules, Inc. has been helping companies obtain and manage their GSA Professional Services Schedule Contracts for Logistics since 1986. We can help you through each step of the process – from strategy development and proposal preparation, to GSA Schedule Contract award and post-award management. For more information, see GSA Schedule Proposal Help or Contact Us.

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