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GSA Proposal Development, Submission & Negotiation

Securing a GSA Schedule Contract is not simply a matter of filling out paperwork; the proposal process can be complicated, lengthy, and time-consuming.  Your GSA Schedule Contract establishes pricing, terms, and conditions that will dictate how you do business with the federal government for the term of your contract. The strategy behind the development of your proposal and pricing negotiations will serve as a foundation for future sales and is important to your success.

Our full-service GSA Schedule proposal assistance provides your company with a team of GSA Schedule Contract experts dedicated to your success. From strategy development and proposal preparation, to contract negotiation and award – your contracts team will complete as much of the work as possible, providing expert consultation throughout the process.

  • Save an Average of 190 Hours in Company Resources
  • Obtain Your Contract 6 to 12 Months Sooner
  • Nearly Eliminate Your Risk of Rejection
  • Educate Your Team on GSA Contract Usage & Compliance

GSA Schedule Consultation and Strategy Development

Our strategic implementation phase is designed to outline your organization’s goals and objectives for getting a GSA Schedule Contract and to develop a customized approach for your organization. Our strategy sessions outline and determine pricing structures and profitability requirements. We determine which products and/or services to offer to the government, as well as what discounts to offer GSA. We help you prepare for the impact of holding a GSA Schedule Contract and review your warranties, guarantees, and other terms and conditions for the products/services to be offered to the government.

GSA Proposal Development and Submission

We have a broad and deep understanding of the industries we serve, and we provide expert proposal development on behalf of our clients for all of their GSA Schedule Contract needs. We effectively and efficiently manage the entire proposal process – from completion of forms for signature to preparation of all representations, disclosures, and price lists. Our experienced team of contracting professionals ensures your proposal is perfect from each of the three critical perspectives: your’s, your buyer’s, and GSA’s.

GSA Contract Negotiation and GSA Contract Award

The negotiation phase of your GSA Schedule Contract Award is time-consuming and includes preliminary information clarification, negotiations, final proposal revisions, and contract award. Federal Schedules’ fluency with the award process and our knowledge of policy ensures that all relevant information requests are answered promptly, and irrelevant information requests are respectfully declined. We make certain not to divulge any information that is not required and that could impair our ability to negotiate the best terms on your behalf. We serve as the primary point of contact with GSA through the entire process and we negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions in alignment with your organizational objectives and guidelines – keeping you posted every step of the way.

“We interviewed a number of companies with experience in preparation and submission of GSA proposals and were all in agreement to engage Federal Schedules based on our interview and subsequent follow ups. I would like to say we could not be happier with the service we have received and accessibility, responsiveness and expertise are clearly mission critical in this company. I would highly recommend Federal Schedules for anyone that might be considering the daunting task of a GSA proposal...”

Charlie Livingston, Jr., Bid Specialist | Edge Technology Distributors, Inc.

“The level of service we have received from FEDSched is unparalleled. Our firm was able to get our GSA Schedule in record time and the entire contract acquisition process was incredibly efficient. I have worked with multiple government contracting consulting firms now and FEDSched has surpassed them all!!”

Dan Surber, Chief Executive Officer | Alpine Consulting Partners

“Federal Schedules, Inc. was invaluable in helping us acquire our new GSA Contract.  They guided us through the entire process, from gathering and completing the required documentation through the final negotiations. Federal Schedules even managed most of the communication with our GSA contracting officer.  We are so pleased with the new contract, and we couldn’t have gotten there without them!”

Pamela Hopkins, President & CEO | DataSource, Inc.

“The work FEDSched conducted on our behalf was outstanding, from clearly explaining the complicated procedures associated with attaining a GSA contract, to ensuring that our final application was the best reflection of the services we wished to offer. They became experts in our field, asked all the right questions, and helped us through the process of negotiation to get our contract awarded in about half the time we expected. We’re very pleased.”

Adrian Mangiuca, Commerce Director | NanoRacks, LLC

“"After sitting through a local PTAC seminar about getting on the GSA we thought we were savvy enough to navigate the waters ourselves. After several months of putting together an application, back and forth with the GSA and many more months of waiting we received a rejection letter. We learned the hard way that we needed a consultant. We called FEDSched. They had us resubmitted just a few days after our first call. They did all the work and everything was better and faster than expected. Needless to say, our submission was quickly accepted and they walked us through the negotiation process…a process we would not have known how to manage on our own had we somehow managed to make it that far. In the end, they performed exactly as advertised and have my highest recommendation for anybody looking for help getting on the GSA."”

Joseph B Lawrence, CEO | Nationwide Pharmaceutical

“Elizabeth and Erica orchestrated a GSA PSS award in under three months which is absolutely REMARKABLE! I realize they likely handle multiple clients at once but they ALWAYS treat you like the most important one during the proposal and post-award.”

Robert Datoc, Senior Contracts Manager, Proposal Manager | FTS International, LLC

“I would like to personally thank Federal Schedules, Inc., specifically Erika Peterson and Thomas McCrary with all the help they provided me in obtaining a GSA Facility Maintenance Schedule. They helped me every step of the way from the very beginning, about what items and information I would need to provide them, in order to package all the material together, to submitting all the necessary items, to getting the GSA review expedited, to negotiating the terms with the GSA Contract Officer. If it wasn't for all there help and guidance, I don't know if I could of gotten it on my own. Thank you very much!!”

Shane Vazquez, President | Paradigm Services, Inc.

“Before I started working with Federal Schedules, I naively thought that I could figure out how to become a GSA Vendor on my own. After hours of wasted time trying to navigate the extremely complex process, I was lucky enough to stumble across Federal Schedule's website. I was impressed by all the great information they provided about the process, and immediately reached out to learn how they could help me. When I realized they offered a turn-key solution, I thought it was too good to be true. My expectations were greatly exceeded when I started working with Melody and Peter on my application. Their depth of experience was very impressive, and they provided me with an extremely streamlined approach to the application. They taught me exactly what I needed to know, were very respectful of my busy schedule, and provided a polished, high quality application. I received notification that my application was accepted several months ahead of when I was expecting to receive the notification, and there was very little negotiation due to the excellent work of Melody and Peter on the initial submission. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire team at Federal Schedules, and I look forward to continue to work with them during my company's next stage as a GSA Vendor!”

Eva R. Garland, Ph.D., CEO | Eva Garland Consulting, LLC

“The work performed by FEDSched for Aquarian Systems has been invaluable. We are a small company and I had been attempting to do all the GSA Schedule tasks myself - as many small business owners do. I finally realized that I needed professional help to manage Aquarian's GSA schedule. Thankfully, I found FEDSched and Erika Vernon. Not only did they deliver everything I asked for (fee modifications, labor category additions, etc), they provided additional support for things that I didn't even realize I needed. Best of all, they delivered everything in a quick and timely manner. Lastly, everyone at FEDSched ensured that I remained involved and fully informed throughout the various processes without impeding my primary duties of running a company. I cannot say enough good things about their services and deliverables. I simply wish every other business and institution I deal with had their work ethic!”

Jim Kylis, President & Founder | Aquarian Systems, Inc.

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