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FEDSched can help your company obtain a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract, so you can stay focused on growing your government business.

CMAS Contract | California Multiple Award Schedule

What is a California Multiple Award Schedule?

The California Multiple Award Schedule is a statewide contract that companies obtain to sell to California state and local government agencies. California’s Department of General Services (DGS) awards and manages CMAS, along with other statewide contracts.

California cities, counties, and districts can purchase a range of products and services they need through CMAS suppliers. California’s educational systems can also purchase through the contract. This includes California State University, the University of California, K-12 public schools, and California community colleges. In calendar year 2021, California state agencies spent more than $195 million through CMAS contracts.

CMAS Contract Products and Services

Companies can offer a wide range of IT and non-IT products and services to California state government buyers through the CMAS contract.

According to the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal), IT services account for the majority of contract awards through CMAS. In 2021, California state agencies categorized approximately $150 million, or 75% of contract awards, as IT services.

CMAS & the GSA Schedule

The CMAS Contract shares similarities to the GSA Schedule. For instance, both contracts accept proposal submissions at any time and do not place a cap on the number of awards.

More importantly, the GSA Schedule can serve as a “base schedule”, which is a requirement to get a CMAS Contract. What is a base schedule? A base schedule is a preestablished contract that DGS uses to determine pricing. Instead of performing a competitive bid process, DGS uses an existing contract as the basis for your CMAS Contract pricing.

The General Services Administration (GSA) competes and negotiates fair and reasonable pricing before awarding any GSA Schedule Contract. This is why most GSA Schedules are eligible to be a base schedule and why many companies choose to use a GSA Schedule as their base.

GSA SINs Not Eligible for CMAS Contract

Companies can sell a variety of products and professional services through the CMAS Contract. However, there are offerings that are not allowed on the contract. CMAS does not allow the sales of architecture, construction, or engineering services. The contract also does not allow environmental services, unless it is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) services.

It is important to note, not all GSA Schedule Contracts qualify as a base schedule. To use a GSA Schedule, the products and services you offer on CMAS cannot be awarded under any of the GSA Special Item Numbers (SINs) in the chart below.

SIN NumberSIN Name
485Ground Transportation
531Employee Relocation Solution
3361Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Vehicles and Attachments
3363Upfitting of Government
238320Surface Preparation
238910Installation and Site Preparation Services
326211Tires - New
326212Tires - Retreaded
332312Temporary and Permanent Structures
334419Unique Identification (UID) / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID
334511Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical and Nautical Systems and Instruments
336211Tank Trucks
336350Remanufactured Automotive Components
336611Marine Craft Repairing
336612Marine Craft
488190Aircraft Components, Maintenance, Repair Services, Extended Warranties, And Maintenance Agreements
492110Package Delivery and Freight Trucking
517312Wireless Mobility Solutions
517410Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM)
524292Separation and Retirement
531110Long Term Lodging
532111Automotive equipment rental and leasing, Rental Supplemental Vehicle Program (RSVP)
532112Leasing of Passenger Cars, SUVs, Vans, and Light Trucks
532120Leased Heavy Duty Vehicles
541110Professional Legal Services
541211Auditing Services
541214Payroll Services
541219Budget and Financial Management Services
541380Testing Laboratory Services
541420Engineering System Design and Integration Services
541614Deployment, Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services:
541620Environmental Consulting Services
541690Technical Consulting Services
541713Engineering Research and Development in Nanotechnology
541714Engineering Research and Development in Biotechnology
541715Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
541720Research, Analysis and Developmental Services in the Social Sciences and Humanities
561410Editorial, Publishing, and Library Media Services
561440Debt Collection Services
561510Travel Agent Services
561599Travel Consulting Services
561612Protective Service Occupations
561730Grounds Maintenance
561910Packaging Services
562112Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
611512Flight Training
713940Fitness Center Management Services
812910Canine Training, Handling, and Caging Products and Services
812990Personal Trainer and Aerobic/Cardio Class Leader/Instructor
33721PPackaged Office Furniture
339113PPackaged Healthcare Furniture
481211OAir Charter Services
541330ENGEngineering Services
541370GISGeographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
541614SVCSupply and Value Chain Management
541715APMEngineering Research and Development for: Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary^^Equipment, Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles, Their Propulsion Units and Propulsion Parts
562910REMEnvironmental Remediation Services
562910RMIEnvironmental Remediation Services
ANCILLARYAncillary Supplies and Services
ANCRAAncillary Repair and Alterations
NEWIntroduction of New Supplies and Services
OLMOrder-Level Materials (OLM)
333316OSOverseas Copiers and Supplies
334290OSOverseas (International) Audio/Visual Products
3361EElectric and Autonomous Vehicles and Accessories
336612RRecreational Watercraft
337121PPackaged Household Dormitory and Quarters Furniture
337127PInternational Packaged Furniture
33721RSBRemanufactured Furniture (SBSA)
339940SVCOffice Supply Support Services
481211BAir Charter Services
492210SBLocal Courier Delivery Services (SBSA)
4PLFourth-Party Logistics (4PL) Supplies and Services
541214HRCompensation and Benefits
541330EMIEngineering Services Related to Military, Aerospace Equipment,^^Military Weapons, National Energy Policy Act of 1992, Marine Engineering or Naval Architecture
ContinuousDiagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Tools
541519ICAMIdentity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM)
541519PIVHomeland Security Presidential Directive 12 Product and Service Components
541519PKIPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service Providers (PKI SSP) Program
541612EPMEmployee Performance Management
541612EREmployee Relations
541612LRLabor Relations
541715AIREngineering Research and Development for Aircraft, Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts
541810ODCOther Direct Costs for Marketing and Public Relations Services
541990LProfessional Law Enforcement Services
541990TADTechnical/Application Development Support (TADS)
561210FACFacilities Maintenance and Management
FacilitiesSupport Services
561320SBSATemporary Staffing (SBSA)
561320SBSATemporary Staffing (SBSA)
561499MMail Management, Systems, Processing Equipment and Related Solutions
561599LLodging Negotiations and Management Services
561EEOEEO Services
611TRAINAWDefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC
624SSSocial Services, Professional Counseling and Veterans' Readjustment and Behavioral Health Services
713940PACKPackaged Fitness Center
811212RRepair of Government
81111Automotive Maintenance, Repair and Body Services
811122Automotive Windshield and Paint Repair

Get Help Obtaining Your CMAS Contract

All of the products or services you would like to offer on a California Multiple Award Schedule Contract must be currently available on a qualifying base schedule. So, the first step to becoming a CMAS contractor is to find or obtain a base contract. The base contract needs to meet CMAS requirements and include the products, services, and prices that your company can offer. Once you establish your base schedule, you can move forward with the remainder of the application process.

FEDSched has helped businesses of all sizes successfully obtain and manage their GSA Schedule Contracts since 1986. Our team can help your company get a CMAS Contract. That includes helping you understand which contracts qualify to be used as a base schedule and, if necessary, work with you to obtain a GSA Schedule to meet CMAS requirements.

FEDSched Can Help Your Company By:

  • Advising on base schedule requirements
  • Evaluating the usability of existing GSA Schedules or obtaining a new GSA Schedule
  • Completing the required contractor information and documentation
  • Assisting in the classification of all Product and Service Codes
  • Conducting negotiations and related correspondence with California DGS
  • Preparing DGS-approved price lists for distribution