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Beginner’s Guide to GSA Schedules

Steps to Get a GSA Schedule Contract

Beginner's Guide to GSA

If your company is active in the government market, a GSA Schedule Contract can streamline the sales process and provide additional opportunities. However, the process of getting a GSA Schedule Contract can be complex and time consuming.

Before you start, download our Beginner’s Guide to get a better understanding of the GSA Schedule Contract. Find out why some government buyers prefer to purchase through GSA Schedule Contracts and who you can sell to with your contract. Review the factors you should consider before pursuing a GSA Schedule Contract. Learn what steps are involved in obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract and why you may want to obtain help with the process.

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  • GSA Schedule Contract Eligibility Requirements
  • Resources for Assessing the Market
  • Steps to Get a GSA Schedule Contract
  • How FEDSched Can Make it Easier to Get a GSA Schedule Contract
  • Frequently Used Acronyms in Government Contracting