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$20 Billion Headed to GSA IT Schedule 70

Contracts Moving to GSA IT Schedule 70


Over the last few months, several articles have reported on sizable government contracts moving to the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract. Schedule 70 is already one of the largest government contracts, accounting for more than $14 billion in annual sales. The contracts detailed below could add an additional $20 billion to Schedule 70 over their period of performance.

Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS)

🏛 Department of Defense
Estimated Value: $8 Billion – over 3 Phases
What does it cover? Hardware and software for communication and collaboration.

The goal for DEOS is to update and improve the current legacy systems in place for the various branches of the DoD. Phase One is anticipated in the latter half of fiscal year 2019, with awards for phases 2 & 3 of the Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity Services (ECAPS) program to follow.

2nd Generation Information Technology (2GIT)

🏛 Air Force
Estimated Value: $5.5 Billion
What does it cover? Data centers, devices, network equipment, and radios.

A BPA through the GSA Schedule 70 will be replacing the Network-Centric Solutions 2 contract. Companies who hold certain SINs under Schedule 70 will be eligible. The Air Force anticipates awarding anywhere from three to five contractors under each of the four functional areas, and a fifth category that covers all four.

Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (ITSSS)

Estimated Value: $5 Billion
What does it cover? End user, business application, delivery, platform, infrastructure, and emerging services.

The current proposal is a BPA broken into the six tracks listed above. Schedule 70 contractors will be eligible to compete with expected awards between 90-132 in total, and an estimated five to seven small businesses in each track.

NOAA Mission Information Technology Services (NMITS)

Estimated Value: $2.1 Billion
What does it cover? 6 Core Management Components: 1) Enterprise Services, 2) Customer Support Services, 3) Mission and Business Applications, Tools, Portals, and Web Services, 4) Enterprise Computing, Cloud, Storage, Shared and Field Services, 5) Data and Voice Network Services, 6) Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Services.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently announced that NMITS, the follow-on to NOAALink, will be issued as a small-business set-aside under GSA IT Schedule 70. NOAA anticipates releasing the solicitation through eBuy in the second quarter of fiscal year 2019 and making 10-25 awards.

Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS)

🏛 GSA’s Center of Excellence
Estimated Value: Unknown 
What does it cover?
Products and ancillary services related to call centers.

GSA created a new Special Item Number, SIN 132-20, to offer ACCS to government customers through Schedule 70. While not a direct replacement for the USA Contact contract that ended in September, the SIN will certainly cover some of the same equipment and support.

By issuing these opportunities through Schedule 70, agencies can make use of the simplified procurement process that the GSA Schedules Program provides.  GSA takes on the administrative burden of evaluating contractors and negotiating fair pricing.  GSA Schedule Contracts also offer agencies a lengthy contract term (up to 20 years with option periods) and the ability to issue set-asides and/or meet socioeconomic goals.

If your company is interested in competing for DEOS, 2GIT, ITSSS, NMITS, or any other opportunity under GSA IT Schedule 70, contact us to find out how we can help.

Already have a GSA Schedule 70? In order to compete for any of these contracts, your Schedule 70 must have enough years left (including option periods) to cover the period of performance of the contract you’re pursuing. For example, if your GSA Schedule Contract was originally awarded in fiscal year 2010, you will have extension options that could carry your contract through to fiscal year 2030, which would cover the 10-year period of performance required for NMITS. Have questions? Need to obtain a new GSA Schedule Contract?  Contact us for more information.