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Is Qualifying for GSA PSS About to Get Easier?


GSA recently announced that it plans to refresh the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) solicitation. The agency posted the notice, along with a 28-page draft of proposed changes, on GSA Interact. Some of the changes are more housekeeping in nature, such as grouping special SIN instructions in one section. However, the refresh also includes a significant change that could help more companies qualify to obtain a PSS Contract or add additional SINs to their existing PSS Contract.

We attended a webinar today, presented by GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories, where GSA discussed the approaching refresh.

The Most Significant Changes from PSS Refresh 34

The upcoming refresh does not change the overall proposal process to get a GSA PSS Contract or the modification process to add PSS SIN to an existing contract. However, if your company was waiting to build more project experience before pursuing a PSS Contract or new PSS SIN, you may qualify sooner than you thought.

  • GSA is reducing the number of projects required per SIN from two projects to one.
  • Companies will no longer be allowed to use a project from a predecessor company or key personnel as a substitute for project experience.
  • Companies can continue to use a single project to qualify for multiple SINs (as long as the project work can support multiple SINs).

When Will GSA Issue PSS Refresh 34?

GSA anticipates issuing Refresh 34 next month, possibly by March 15th.

What Does PSS Refresh 34 Mean for Your Company?

If you already hold a GSA PSS Contract, there is no action you need to take. GSA does not anticipate releasing a mass modification associated with this refresh. If you would like to add additional SINs, you will only need one project per SIN after the refresh is issued.

If you are submitting a new offer to obtain a PSS contract:

  • If you’ve already submitted an offer, no additional action is needed in relation to Refresh 34.
  • If your offer is ready and you have 2 projects, you can submit now.
  • If you are preparing a new offer and do not plan to submit until after Refresh 34 is issued, you will only need one project per SIN. Monitor GSA Interact and the FBO solicitation posting, because when Refresh 34 is issued, you’ll have to submit your proposal according to those solicitation requirements.

Why is GSA Issuing PSS Refresh 34?

The GSA Professional Services Schedule consists of 7 previously standalone GSA Schedules that were merged in 2015. Since the merger, GSA has noticed a significant number of companies pursue several SINs. The burden to prepare – and review – a proposal with a large number of project write-ups is high. GSA and industry will benefit from the reduced workload that will accompany the one project write-up requirement.

Will Other GSA Schedules, Say IT Schedule 70, Also Reduce the Required Number of Projects Per SIN?

It’s possible that GSA is using the Professional Services Schedule as a test case ahead of the single, consolidation GSA Schedule (GSA did mention the single, consolidated Schedule is currently expected out in October). During the webinar, GSA representatives for PSS explained they hoped other Schedules would follow their lead. However, at this time, there does not seem to be an official plan or pilot program to expand the reduced project requirement to other Schedules.

Need Help with Your PSS Proposal or Modification?

Our team here at FEDSched has been helping companies obtain and manage their PSS contracts for over 30 years. We can help you assess your eligibility, prepare your proposal or modification, and negotiate approval with GSA. Contact us to discuss how we can help your company.