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Preparing for PSS as a Single Schedule Holder

Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Snapshot

We should first clarify the definition of “single Schedule holder”.  Seven GSA Schedules will be transitioned into the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) around October 1, 2015.  For the purposes of the PSS transition, your company would be considered a single Schedule holder if you hold only one of the seven GSA Schedules detailed below. For example, if your company holds a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract and a GSA MOBIS Schedule 874 Contract, you would be considered a single Schedule holder for the PSS transition because the IT Schedule 70 is not slated to be part of PSS.

List of GSA Schedules to be Transitioned to PSS

  • MOBIS Schedule 874
  • PES Schedule 871
  • FABS Schedule 520
  • AIMS Schedule 541
  • LOGWORLD Schedule 874 V
  • Environmental Schedule 899
  • Language Schedule 738 II

PSS Transition Process for Single Schedule Holders

If your company holds only one of the GSA Schedules listed above, you should receive a mass modification from GSA around August 1, 2015.  The modification should state something along the lines of: effective October 1, 2015, your GSA Schedule is now named the Professional Services Schedule and will be governed by clauses under the Professional Services Schedule Solicitation.  Your GSA Schedule Contract Number and period of performance (contract expiration) will remain the same post-PSS transition.  For the most part, your Special Item Number(s) (SINs) will be carried over to the Professional Services Schedule as part of the transition.

Three PSS Preparation Steps for Single Schedule Holders

  1. Ensure GSA Primary Point of Contact Information is Up to Date.  Mass modification email notices will be sent to the primary point of contact.  If you are not receiving mass modification email notices, you may need to submit an administrative modification through GSA’s eMod system to change the primary point of contact.
  2. Accept All Pending Mass Modifications. In some cases, you may not receive mass modification email notices until previously issued mass modifications are accepted by your company.
  3. Put New GSA Schedule Contract Pursuits on Hold.  If your company is considering, or is in the process of pursuing an additional GSA Schedule Contract, and that additional GSA Schedule is part of the pending Professional Services Schedule, you may want to pause your efforts.  Once your GSA Schedule Contract is transitioned to the Professional Services Schedule, you will have the ability to modify your contract to add services that were previously under the MOBIS, FABS, Engineering, Environmental, Advertising, LogWorld, or Language Services Schedules.  Considering GSA can take up to a year to award a new GSA Schedule Contract, your company may be better off waiting for the release of the Professional Services Schedule.


If you still have questions regarding the Professional Services Schedule, we are happy to answer them.  Give us a call at 703-709-8700.