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Reporting GSA Contract Sales – 72a or FAS?


How TDR Impacts GSA Sales Reporting

Sales reports for GSA Schedule Contract holders are due Monday, October 30th. Reporting can be confusing for contractors that hold GSA Schedules impacted by Transactional Data Reporting (TDR).  This is because contracts subject to TDR report sales through the FAS Sales Reporting System instead of the 72a Quarterly Reporting System. To add to the confusion, contractors that reported sales through 72a in the past and opted to participate in TDR will transition to the FAS Sales Reporting System based upon when they accepted the mass modification to participate in TDR.

Who is Potentially Affected?

If you hold one of the GSA Schedules listed below, your contract may be subject to TDR. To find out if you should report sales through the 72a or FAS Reporting System, visit GSA’s Vendor Support Center to look up your contract number:

  • GSA Furnishing and Floor Coverings Schedule 72
  • GSA Food Service & Cleaning Schedule 73
  • GSA Office Products Schedule 75
  • GSA Hardware Superstore Schedule 51 V
  • GSA Audio/Video Schedule 58 I
  • GSA Facilities Schedule 03FAC
  • GSA IT Schedule 70 (Select SINs)
  • GSA Professional Services Schedule 00CORP (Engineering SINs)