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Satcom on GSA IT Schedule 70


Satellite Communications & GSA

SATELLITE 2017, an annual satellite communications conference, is happening this week in Washington, DC.  With the satcom industry gathering in the nation’s capital, we thought it  was an appropriate time to look at federal spending on satellite communications through the GSA Schedule.

There are currently two subcategories, or Special Item Number (SINs), under the GSA IT Schedule Contract that are geared specifically towards satellite communication solutions.

  • SIN 132-54, COMSATCOM Transponded Capacity: includes owning/operating or reselling dedicated bandwidth and power on a communications satellite in any available COMSATCOM frequency band.
  • SIN 132-55, COMSATCOM Subscription Services: includes COMSATCOM Subscription Services consisting of pre-existing, pre-engineered Fixed Satellite Service and/or Mobile Satellite Service solutions, typically including shared or dedicated satellite resources, ancillary terrestrial components, and Contractor specified networks and equipment, in any available COMSATCOM frequency band.

While there were approximately 5,000 companies that held a GSA IT Schedule Contract in fiscal year 2016, there were less than 45 companies that offered commercial satellite communication solutions under the GSA IT Schedule COMSATCOM SINs.

Fiscal Year 2016 Stats on GSA COMSATCOM SINs

GSA IT Schedule & COMSATCOM SIN 132-54 & 132-55 Sales for FY 2016

COMSATCOM 132 54 Stats for FY2016 COMSATCOM 132 55 Stats for FY2016

More Info on GSA & Satcom

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