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gsa mas contract sales fiscal year 2020

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract is one of the most widely used government contract vehicles. In fiscal year 2020, the contract was restructured to combine 24 legacy GSA Schedules into one single Multiple Award Schedule. Despite the significant changes, companies that held a GSA MAS Contract reported their highest sales in recent years. Read on to view additional GSA MAS Contract sales stats.

$36.3 Billion

GSA MAS Contract Sales

In fiscal year 2020, companies reported more than $36.3 Billion in sales under their GSA MAS Contracts.


GSA MAS Contractors

In fiscal year 2020, 15,562 companies held a GSA MAS Contract.

GSA Contract Sales FY 2016 to 2020

In fiscal year 2020, companies that held a GSA MAS Contract took in more than $36.3 billion in sales. Fiscal year 2020 sales increased nearly $3.2 billion from the previous year, and increased approximately 12.7% over the past five fiscal years.

FY 2020 GSA MAS Contract Sales

By Large Category

The chart below details fiscal year 2020 sales by Large Category. The IT category, followed by Professional Services consistently rank first and second in GSA MAS Contract sales.

Large Category FY 2020 Sales
Information Technology $17,890,160,686
Professional Services $10,205,850,463
Office Management $1,175,661,303
Industrial Products & Services $1,148,411,324
Facilities $1,040,769,259
Security & Protection $1,040,039,371
Furniture & Furnishings $971,241,497
Scientific Management & Solutions $777,832,143
Miscellaneous $606,612,002
Transportation & Logistics Services $539,127,994
Travel $498,818,235
Human Capital $411,121,898
Total Sales $36,305,646,175

GSA MAS Contract Large Category FY 2019 vs FY 2020

Sales under the IT Large Category increased from $15.5 billion in fiscal year 2019 to nearly $17.9 billion in fiscal year 2020. This increase of more than $2.3 billion accounts for 73% of the increase in total GSA MAS Contract sales.

FY 2020 GSA MAS Contract Sales

Small vs Other than Small Businesses

In fiscal year 2020, small businesses accounted for a record 37% of GSA MAS Contract Sales. That is up from 34% in fiscal year 2016 and 29.5%  in fiscal year 2011. Keep in mind, these stats vary across Large Categories. For example, small businesses accounted for 33% of IT Large Categories sales, but accounted for 72% of Transportation & Logistics Services sales.

Federal vs State and Local

All federal government agencies are eligible to purchase from the GSA MAS Contract. State and local government can purchase from specific IT and security related GSA MAS Contract SINs at any time. State and local government can also purchase under any GSA MAS Contract category for preparation for or recovery from a disaster.

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