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GSA Schedules for State & Local

GSA Programs for State & Local Government

While the GSA Schedule Contract vehicle was originally created for federal agencies, there are several programs in place that allow state and local government entities to utilize the contract. The chart below details these programs, which GSA Schedules the program authorizes state and local buyers to utilize, and under what circumstances.

GSA Schedule Contract State & Local Programs

Program GSA Schedule Qualifying Circumstance
Cooperative Purchasing IT-70 and Security-84* Any Circumstance
Disaster Recovery All GSA Schedules* Purchase of supplies/services to facilitate recovery from major disaster or facilitate disaster preparation and response
Public Health Emergencies (PHEs) All GSA Schedules Purchase of supplies/services when expending federal grants funds in response to PHEs
1122 Program See 1122 Program Catalog Purchase of equipment in support of counter-drug, homeland security & emergency response activities

*State and local government can purchase from GSA Schedule Contractors that hold these Schedules and have elected to participate in Cooperative Purchasing/Disaster Recovery.

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing allows state and local government to make purchases under the GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 and GSA Security Schedule 84 Contracts. Cooperative Purchasing is unique in that it does not place restrictions on the type of purchase – state and local government may purchase products and services under Schedule 70 and Schedule 84 at any time, for any reason.

Disaster Recovery Purchasing

Disaster Recovery Purchasing allows state and local government to make purchases under any GSA Schedule to be used in preparation for or recovery from a disaster. This includes major disasters declared by the President or nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological, or terrorist attacks.

1122 Program

1122 Program allows state and local government to purchase specific equipment under select GSA Schedules for use in the performance of counter-drug activities. For a list of available equipment, and more information on the program please click here to visit GSA’s website.

Public Health Emergencies

Public Health Emergencies allows state and local government to make purchases under any GSA Schedule when expending Federal grant funds in response to Public Health Emergencies declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

State and Local Government Defined

The definition of state and local government entities is defined in the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM), 538.7001 Definitions, and include the following:

  • The 50 United States
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Towns and Townships
  • Tribal Governments
  • School districts
  • Council of governments (incorporated or not)
  • Colleges and Other Institutions of Higher Education
  • Public Authorities (Including Public or Indian Housing Agencies Under U.S. Housing Act of 1937)
  • Regional or Interstate Government Entities
  • Any Agency or “Instrumentality” of Preceding Entities (Including any Local Educational Agency or Institution of High Education)
  • Legislative and Judicial Department

State & Local Government Spending through GSA Schedule

The chart below details state and local government spending through the GSA Schedules from fiscal year 2013 to fiscal year 2017. Spending through Cooperative Purchasing significantly outranks Disaster Recovery spending. As we discuss above, Cooperative Purchasing is only applicable to GSA IT Schedule 70 and GSA Total Solutions for Security Schedule 84. However, spending through the program is not limited in any other way as it is with Disaster Recovery purchasing.

Disaster Recovery spending has nearly doubled since fiscal year 2013. This may be attributed in part to the expansion of the program in 2010. When Disaster Recovery was first enacted in fiscal year 2007, it only allowed for purchases related to the recovery from a disaster. In 2010, the program was broadened to include purchases related to disaster preparation and response. Increased awareness of the program, as well as the number and severity of disasters may also contribute to the increase in sales.

FY2013-2017 State & Local Spending Through GSA Schedules by Program

Source: FAS Schedule Sales Query Plus
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