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GSA Schedule Small Business Sales

GSA Schedule

Over the past five years, sales to small businesses under the GSA Schedule have increased by approximately 16%. In fiscal year 2018, small businesses took in more than $13.6 billion through VA and GSA Schedule Contracts. With just over 11,500 small business contractors, average sales per small business nearly reached $1.2 million. If your small business has experience selling to the government, whether directly or indirectly as a subcontractor, a GSA Schedule may help expand your government sales.

FY 2018 GSA Schedule Sales by Socio-Economic Size Status

GSA Schedules With Highest Sales to Small Businesses

The top ten list of GSA Schedules for small business sales versus total sales differ by two Schedules. In fiscal year 2018, the GSA Travel Solutions Schedule and Office Imaging/Document Solutions Schedule made the top ten list for total sales, but had the lowest percentage of sales to small businesses. The absence of these GSA Schedules on the small business list, made room for the GSA Office Products and Building Materials Schedules.

FY 2018 GSA Schedules with Highest Small Business Sales

GSA Schedules With Over 60% of Sales to Small Businesses

Across all GSA and VA Schedules, small businesses take in approximately 29% of total sales. However, under the 11 GSA Schedules detailed in the chart below, small businesses dominated with over 60% of total sales in fiscal year 2018.

FY 2018 GSA Schedules with Highest Percentage of Sales to Small Businesses

Small Business Resources

If your company is just getting started in the government space, pursuing a GSA Schedule may not be the best first step. Your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) can help you assess demand and develop a plan for moving forward in the government market.

Considering a GSA Schedule Contract?

If your company has two years in business and government sales experience, a GSA Schedule Contract can be a beneficial tool for capturing sales. Find out more about this contract vehicle, including:

Beginners Guide to GSA Schedule Contracts

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• Tips for Conducting GSA Schedule Market Research
• Overview of Steps Needed to Obtain a GSA Schedule

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