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The GSA Schedule Contract, also referred to as the Federal Supply Schedule or GSA Contract, is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract administered by the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA Schedule Contract is the most widely used government contract vehicle. How widely used? In fiscal year 2013 federal, state, and local government spent over $34 billion through GSA Contracts.

Fiscal Year 2013 Sales: $34+ Billion

  • GSA Contracts help companies sell to government buyers.
  • They contain pre-negotiated pricing, terms, and conditions which streamline the government sales process.

Benefits of Having a GSA Contract

GSA Contracts benefit companies wishing to sell to the federal government -- as well as federal customers wishing to purchase goods and services -- by simplifying the procurement process and enabling federal customers to make purchases quickly and easily.

In obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract, the General Services Administration will conduct a thorough review of a company’s capabilities, past performance, and commercial sales practices. After negotiating discounted rates for government buyers and establishing a GSA Schedule price list, GSA will award a GSA Contract Number. When ordering under a GSA Contract, government buyers are not required to: seek full and open competition, synopsize requirements (unless the buyer is using Recovery Act funds for a purchase of $25,000 or more), or make a determination of fair and reasonable pricing. GSA has essentially completed this work on behalf of government buyers in awarding the GSA Contract.
Once awarded, a GSA Contract is valid for an initial five-year period with three five-year extension options. To maintain efficiency and profitability, it is important that a GSA Contract be kept up-to-date with current compliancy regulations, as well as a company’s current pricing and offerings.

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