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GSA Schedule 84 | Total Solutions for Security

The GSA Security Schedule 84 is a contract vehicle that streamlines the sale of law enforcement, security, and fire and rescue related products and services to government buyers. As with all GSA Schedule items, the General Services Administration has negotiated discounted rates on these security related products and services, and have determined pricing to be “fair and reasonable”. The GSA Schedule 84, unlike most GSA Schedules, offers the added benefit of being open to state and local government, in addition to federal agencies.

In fiscal year 2016 government buyers spent over $1.2 billion through GSA Schedule 84 Contracts – that is an average of approximately $1 million per GSA Schedule 84 Contractor. While GSA Schedule Contracts do not guarantee sales to the government, they serve as a valuable tool to companies that currently do business with the government and/or plan to implement a targeted government marketing program.

GSA Schedule 84 encompasses a wide array of security solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Alarm & Signal Systems
  • Special Purpose Clothing
  • Marine Craft & Equipment
  • Firefighting and Rescue Equipment
  • Professional Security & Guard Services
  • Law Enforcement & Security Equipment